Supports Dingler

Supports Dingler

As an Ocean Shores property owner for nine years and a full-time resident for six years, I support the re-election of Mayor Crystal Dingler. My years of work life give me insight into how effective leaders move a team forward and how ineffective leaders destroy a culture of a team or organization which can take years to heal.

Leadership is listening to understand another point of view different from one’s own. Leadership is not agreeing with everyone.

Leadership is finding a way to work with all people, even those who do not agree with you. Leadership is not refusing to sit by or shake hands with people you don’t like or refusing to serve on a committee or team with people who disagree with you.

Leadership is willingness to roll up your sleeves and get a task done. Examples might include activities such as making peanut butter sandwiches, washing dishes, pulling weeds or planting flowers. Leadership is not dropping by an event after all the work has been done by others for a photo opportunity to post on Facebook.

Leadership is knowing how to motivate others to improve by praising them in public and holding them accountable in private. Leadership is not publicly criticizing or trying to embarrass council colleagues, city staff or city leaders in order to gain political advantage.

Leadership is giving recognition to others who lead an initiative and accomplish a task. Leadership is not taking the responsibility for the work of others.

Leadership is earning the respect of local, state and federal decisions makers in order to benefit our city. Leadership is not inviting public officials to a meeting or trying to get a photo taken with them.

Leadership is recognizing the potential impact of one’s public statements, verbal or written. Leadership is not spreading negativity or false information in order to benefit a personal agenda.

Leadership is more than caring. Mayor Dingler is a competent, proven leader and the clear choice for mayor.

Doug Mosebach

Ocean Shores

On shoreline rules

There have been several recent incidents in which property owners or their contractors have been found to be in violation of the Ocean Shores Shoreline Master Program (SMP). This has generally involved the clearing of trees and other vegetation within the 10-foot buffer zone between the owner’s property line and the waterline on any of the freshwater lakes and canals in the city. Any disturbance of native vegetation in these areas is prohibited. Some property owners have apparently been unaware of that restriction and have been sent letters of violation from the city and the Department of Ecology. The remedy for these violations is to submit a mitigation plan and to restore the disturbed area with native vegetation in order to have it eventually return to its native state.

Requiring restoration seems to be the only recourse that is available, but is a poor second to retaining the original native vegetation. Some contractors have said that they are unaware of the SMP requirements and so illegal clearing in the buffer zones has continued in certain instances.

In order to prevent these problems, which both degrade our shorelines and cause unnecessary expense and delay for the property owners, the city should publicize and make available to all property owners and contractors doing business in Ocean Shores a concise summary of the requirements and restrictions placed upon property owners along our waterways. The city should also ensure that the boundaries are properly marked and that protected areas are adequately identified by on-site inspections and confirmation that the development plan is consistent with all regulations.

David Linn

Ocean Shores

Hog Wild success

I would like to give a big thank-you to the business community, the City of Ocean Shores and the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino for stepping up and taking on the huge job of coordinating this summer’s Hog Wild at Ocean Shores event. Putting on an event this size in the space of 90 days is monumentally difficult, but everyone worked together to make it happen, and it was much improved over the past few years events put on by an outside promoter.

With this in mind, I am hopeful that the same business owners will make a commitment to work together over the winter to bring the Razor Clam Festival, Sand and Sawdust and Hog Wild at Ocean Shores back to Ocean Shores next summer. Working with the City and the QBRC appears to have been a good combination of resources, so it only makes sense to continue to promote these events “in-house” as opposed to relying on outside promoters to put them on.

While the organizational chart is fuzzy in my mind, I’m not sure exactly what the city did as far as financial support and risk, or what the Convention Center did, I do think they have found a winning strategy. Of course, we have not seen the final profit and loss report, but I suspect there may be an actual profit in all this. My one concern is whether this in-house promotion will take too much away from our current staff and their regular workload.

The obvious success of this event points to the idea that our businesses most certainly can work together, with or without a Chamber of Commerce to unite them. Let’s hope they feel the same way and will continue what they have started!

Lorraine Hardin

Ocean Shores