Schools help communities thrive

As a Washington state school employee, I have enjoyed working in public schools since 1991.

Our community has the opportunity to once again support our local schools by voting “Yes” for the upcoming North Beach School District Levy. Our residents are lucky this replacement levy is significantly lower than surrounding school districts’ levies.

It is vital to continue our community’s advocacy for our schools and programs. This levy adds funds for utilities, insurance, textbooks, transportation, security, food service and technology. This levy funds student specific services like special education and preschool. This levy supports student extra-curricular activities like sports and field trips. This levy supplements staff positions not funded through the state and provides needed professional development for our staff. These services, activities, and staff are some of the essential components of our successful local school system.

This levy is the only locally approved ballot measure that enables our school district to bridge the gap between what our state pays for and the actual costs for quality educational programs and necessary operational needs. Renewal of this levy is critically important and guarantees the equitable funding for all students at all grade levels at all of the schools within the North Beach School District. Well-funded schools assist in continuing to attract quality educators to our schools.

Ballots will be mailed out Jan. 24, and the election is on Feb. 11. Please join me in voting “Yes” for the North Beach Schools Replacement Levy so we continue all the fantastic things our local district implements for the success for our local youth. Successful schools are an important part of a vibrant and thriving community. We all benefit when our school system provides our students with all the necessary components of an excellent education!

Lisa Griebel

Ocean Shores