Levy funds are vital

I recently became aware of Proposition 1, a vote to replace a current, expiring levy, to help properly fund the North Beach School District. I am a recent transplant to the area, retiring in Ocean Shores. As a voter who likes to be informed on issues that I vote on, I sought the particulars of Proposition 1. What I found was the amounts we receive through federal and state education dollars does not adequately fund our local school district. These levy funds are vital to the proper education of the children in our community.

I am a fiscal conservative with no children in the school district but understand the need to fund public services. I support the levy wholeheartedly. Better schools, properly funded, increase overall community quality of life, property values and provide our community’s children with the education they deserve. Education is one of the major factors of a young person’s chances for a positive, productive and successful future. The levy amount being requested by the district is a wise and reasonable investment in the children and our community. I feel with the leadership that is in place at the district, these funds will be spent wisely and target best practices. With proper funding and the staff at the school and district level, I have high hopes and a good feeling about the future of education in the North Beach School District.

Joe DeVore

Ocean Shores