Perception of impropriety

It is with some dismay and mistrust that I write this letter.

Immediately after the Nov. 5 election, a resolution was drawn up for council action at the Nov. 12 council meeting. This resolution states that the City of Ocean Shores, meaning the citizens of Ocean Shores, will pay any and all legal fees and penalties in the court suit against Mayor Crystal Dingler for her part in the termination of employment of Chief Bathke. This resolution states that if a judgment against Mayor Dingler is awarded, we the people will pay that judgment for her, and she will be liable for none of it. This is on top of the city also being sued and any judgment against the city being paid for by us. Of course, as a citizen herself, she will pay the same amount as the rest of us, but is she really not responsible for any of the decisions she made?

Aside from the obvious lack of transparency in waiting until the election was over to bring this to council, there is the apparent impropriety of continuing to negotiate a new contract with the fire department during this campaign and the subsequent endorsement from the fire department of her re-election bid.

It is entirely possible Mayor Dingler has done nothing wrong whatsoever. However, the perception of impropriety in this and so many other issues over the years is why this community is searching for a change.

Lorraine Hardin

Ocean Shores