Letter to the Editor

As a former mayor of Ocean Shores, I want you to know that I strongly support the re-election of Crystal Dingler for mayor.

Serving as mayor has become much more difficult since the citizens of Ocean Shores voted to eliminate the city manager position.

When first elected, Crystal had a difficult situation. Two of the mayors that preceded Crystal had done less than a stellar job, plus there was a national economic dilemma. Many cities were fearing bankruptcy and Ocean Shores was one of them.

Crystal had the know-how to save Ocean Shores, and we continue to prosper today. I won’t list all of her accomplishments, but they are numerous.

It is apparent that Crystal has the mayoral qualities necessary, and we need to be sure that she stays in office, plus the city administrator position that has now been filled will certainly be an aid to her.

She has my vote. I hope she has yours.

Glenda Reade

Ocean Shores