Letter to the Editor

Supports Dingler

Supports Dingler

Crystal Dingler is my choice for Mayor of Ocean Shores. I choose to vote for her because she is capable, committed, and connected. She has demonstrated that she can do the job well, and she has the energy, desire and forward thinking to lead the City for another 4 year term.

In 2020, Crystal will perform in a new scope of mayoral duties. She will continue to lead our city, keeping us on a steady, financially sound course. There is still city debt to be managed and improvements to be made. Our city needs Crystal’s background and leadership to ensure we continue to live within our means. She has demonstrated that she has the budget management experience to back that up. New recession rumors persist. She is the experienced leader we need.

In July 2019 Crystal hired City Administrator, Scott Andersen. He is currently making the transition to gradually take on the daily management of city business responsibilities. As mayor, Crystal will continue to set the budget priorities for the detailed budget developed by the Finance Manager, Angie Folkers, together with the City Administrator. Crystal is a professional leader who attracted these qualified candidates to compete for these two critical jobs. As Mayor, she will continue to be responsible for hiring department heads and key personnel.

She has defined goals for her next four years. Crystal understands how important our city’s relationship with the Ocean Shores business community is. Taxes paid by these businesses account for a significant portion of the city’s revenue. Without thriving businesses, more tax burden would fall upon property owners for our city’s infrastructure maintenance, and services could be curtailed.

I have seen Crystal’s commitment to stabilize and grow Ocean Shores through alliances she has established. She understands that health care for residents is a very real problem. The contacts she has built over the past eight years are crucial partners in our city’s future. She is working to continue to develop and strengthen these relationships. These include our neighbor, the Quinault Indian Nation, and the County, State, Federal and local agencies and political leaders for their support to help solve both health care and economic problems.

She worked with the Quinault Indian Nation for the sponsorship of the special tourist attraction event, Hog Wild. Events like that greatly help our local economy. Crystal will also continue to work with the Port of Grays Harbor and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for jetty and shoreline maintenance which are critical to the protection of our city’s sewer treatment plant. She is also working with Westport, the Port of Grays Harbor, the Quinault Enterprise Board, Grays Harbor County, Grays Harbor Transit and Council of Governments on strategic planning for a new Westport-Ocean Shores ferry system, and with Grays Harbor and SW Washington Councils of Governments for transportation and trail initiatives.

I believe that our growing city’s future is best managed by a qualified and experienced leader. Crystal’s opponent does not have a defined financial management and organizational management background or defined goals to lead our city forward and keep our city’s progress going. These are the reasons why I am voting for Crystal Dingler for mayor.

Jeanne Finke

Ocean Shores