O.S. making strides

We need to retain Crystal Dingler as Mayor.

Being an elected official is a thankless service. Your decisions cannot make everyone happy. Decisions must be legal and made for the betterment of the community served and those who live here. And a person sure as heck does not run for the office to be friends with everyone. As a former community mayor. I should know.

Crystal and her team have taken Ocean Shores from a community that was near bankrupt status and known for being a place that grumpy old people live to a thriving town that is becoming more multi-generational. Under her leadership she has mended many relationships with other agencies in the country, state, county and right here in Ocean Shores. The financial status has gone from a negative to the city paying off debts.

When we retired, my husband and I looked around the state to where we wanted to live. We found ourselves coming to Grays Harbor County again and again for vacation so why not move where our heart belongs? Ocean Shores was just beginning the come back status that Crystal has gained for all those who live, work and vacation here. Each day I am thankful to live and volunteer in a town that is safe, clean and friendly. Are there more services I would like to see here, yes but the “elephant can’t be eaten in one bite.” We need experience to lead the city through this continued expansion.

Ocean Shores will continue to grow as the secret of our quality of life has spread and having Crystal as our mayor will help continue to make this a place I am proud to call home.

As an active member of this community I am proud to support the re-election of Crystal for mayor. Her work must continue and Ocean Shores will be a better place for all.

Mary Jo Lohrenz

Ocean Shores