Letters: Proposition 1, Green Lantern Lunches, soccer team rescue

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Time to fix our streets

with Proposition 1

It’s been nearly eight years since property owners in Ocean Shores paid millions for the asphalt roads here to be fixed and repaved. As we all know, the roads on this sandy peninsula require a lot of maintenance to keep them smooth and free of dips and potholes. Over the past few years, it’s become obvious that our roads are getting worse and they need immediate maintenance and repair work done. Not only this, but some areas of roadway in Ocean Shores are dangerous for not only vehicles, but for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

In response to this, a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) was formed for the “purposes of acquiring, constructing, improving, providing and funding transportation improvements” in the City of Ocean Shores. What this means is that in the next few weeks, all registered voters in the city will be receiving a ballot proposition in the mail asking for your approval on Proposition 1 to authorize a two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) sales and use tax for funding these improvements to fix our roads now and well into the future. What does this mean to us financially? It means it’ll cost us an extra twenty cents for every $100 we spend on something or a service that’s subject to this tax in Ocean Shores.

That said, this is an opportunity to spread out the burden of maintaining and fixing our roads to tourists and visitors as well without solely sticking the bill to Ocean Shores property owners.

Property owners and voters might ask yourselves why you should support this proposition after dealing with a Street LID nearly a decade ago. You may also ask why you should approve another “dreaded tax increase.” The answer to that is easy. We spent tens of millions of dollars to recreate these roads and it would be a shame to not take care of them. Doing nothing and voting no will only ensure the continued deterioration of our road system and the likely promise of having to spend a whole lot more in the future to replace them again. The choice is whether to take care of our roads now with proper maintenance or vote no and see the situation become worse.

The longer we wait to fix the small problems, the bigger and more expensive they become. I for one do not want to see a LID again in Ocean Shores. Vote yes on Proposition 1 and have the visitors and tourists do their part to help maintain our roads.

Jeff Daniel / President

Ocean Shores North Beach Chamber of Commerce

Lantern Lunch Progam

The Green Lantern Lunch Program would like to thank Ace Hardware/Buck Electric for their donation of an awesome smoker — $1,110.00 worth of tickets were sold and there was a lucky winner named Judy. We really appreciate the donation, which helped our program so much. This is a perfect example of community unity that enables us to continue to feed the kids here on the North Beach. We are into our third week of the summer lunch program and are taking out 590 lunches three days a week. We invite you to come see the operation and join in as a volunteer.

The Green Lantern Lunch Program also would like to thank Sharon Voss from the Copalis Beach Grocery for her continuing support of the program. She is so faithful in giving the kids an extra in their lunch sack. The fruit and carrots are so special and we really appreciate the help she gives us. Again, it is Community Unity that makes the difference. Small but mighty, we are making a difference. Thanks Sharon.

Phyllis Shaughnessy

GLLP Director

Soccer team rescue

I was truly awed and amazed at the events surrounding the rescue of the soccer team from the cave this past week! Just when I thought I was too jaded about humanity something like this happens to renew my faith in the power of people working in selfless cooperation for the good of others. The outpouring of offers of help from around the world truly made me want to renew my membership in the human race. Meanwhile, back at the ranch. I suppose the curious lack of a strong American presence at the cave mouth might be attributed to the fact that our resources were heavily taxed along our southwest border where all hands were working tirelessly to tear apart the lives of individuals and families who had committed the heinious crime of attempting to come into our country in order to provide a better life for themselves and their families. While attempting to portray themselves as tough yet pious, compassionate and law abiding our leaders have revealed themselves as just a bunch of bunglers with a cruel streak. Quite the contrast; from the sublime to the ridiculous! Just my opinion.

Peter B. Jordan

Ocean Shores