Letters: Noticeable lack of notice from city

I’m just curious but is public notice even a thing in Ocean Shores?

I know I missed the fireworks notice for the display recently at Oyhut Bay (along with the rest of the community) and I am wondering if i missed the street closure notice on Chance A La Mer today (10/8)? I was a little shocked when we came across a road closed sign and no notice as to if it was open to residents or where the closure was. So like a good citizen, I had my son follow the closure directive only to find it was closed on the other end too with no possible way to get to our home other than to go back around through the original closure.

Now had I known that on Monday, October 8th, they would be tearing apart the street next to our home (not just a general we will be doing roadwork) … I would have been prepared so that my newly driving autistic son didn’t freak out or have anxiety over the abnormal situation. Additionally, I could have been prepared to listen to barking dogs all day or I could have made the decision to take them to doggie daycare so they wouldn’t be agitated. The key here, is I could have been prepared.

I’m not sure why this should shock me since as I stated we didn’t even get the common courtesy of a firework notice or even a public apology after that debacle. There seems to be zero accountability for the inconvenience or disregard we cause to our own citizens. As the city considers procedures, it is just food for thought, that perhaps we as residents deserve more. Perhaps we can stand to be more courteous to our neighbors and residents. By the size of the trucks and the logs being excavated from the roadway, I am guessing this was planned but perhaps in the future we can consider how we execute the plan and direct traffic more appropriately and how actual work, noise, events, etc., will impact the residents nearby.

Shannon Rubin

Ocean Shores