Letters: Character and proven track record matter

Whenever I’m asked to make an important decision, I first ask myself, “Are we on the right track, or the wrong track?” Then I ask myself, “What’s good for all of us?” After fact checking and talking with friends, neighbors and strangers, I make a principled decision.

In Ocean Shores we are seeing:

– Record existing home sales

– Record new construction starts

– Increased property values

In Ocean Shores we have achieved:

– 1.5+ million dollars in a reserve fund

– An improved Bond Rating

– Advantageous refinancing of our existing debts

We’ve also paid off over $10 million in debt in the last five years.

I’d like to encourage everyone who voted for me in the August Primary Election and those who will vote in the upcoming November 7th General Election to mark their ballots for John Lynn. He has served as Chairman of the City Council Finance Committee and has contributed to all our successes. His years of hard work, his knowledge and experience, and his volunteer commitments have been good for all of us.

Michael Darling

Founder, Ocean Shores Park Foundation,

member, Ocean Shores Park Board