Challenger Conniry holds 30-vote lead in race for OS mayor

  • Tue Nov 5th, 2019 9:44pm
  • News

In the Ocean Shores mayoral race, challenger Susan Conniry holds a 30-vote lead over two-term incumbent Crystal Dingler. Conniry, who was elected to the City Council in 2017 after losing the 2015 mayoral contest to Dingler by 22 percentage points, tallied 1,086 votes to Dingler’s 1,056. A total of 2,155 votes have been counted so far in the race.

Conniry said, “I don’t think there’s much of a story here at the moment other than I’m ahead. The enthusiasm here is high, and people believe as more results come in there will be a greater spread. I’m tired but I am pleased.”

“I’m pleased with where we are and I think we’ve got a good shot at it,” Dingler said. She noted that her campaign and her opponent’s each spent around $12,000 and commented, “I don’t know if there’s ever been that much money spent on an Ocean Shores campaign.”

“I want to thank all the people who voted and everyone who was out campaigning. I know my people worked very hard and I’m sure Susan’s did too. I think we’ve got to see what happens on Friday and maybe longer to see what’s going on.”

The County Auditor’s office plans to release updated vote counts by 5 p.m. Friday.