C0-Op Marketing Group seeks ideas for new campaign

Effort to promote tourism continues; logo, branding contest launched

The Ocean Shores Marketing Co-op will hold a meeting March 29 on how to increase tourism dollars coming into the area and to gather ideas from the audience on upcoming advertising.

The meeting will be at the Ocean Shores Convention Center. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the meeting agenda runs from 5:30-7 p.m.

“The Ocean Shores Marketing Co-op has been operating for several years with both public and private money to buy advertising aimed at bringing more visitors to Ocean Shores. The Co-op has reorganized this year as a non-profit 501C6 corporation. As part of that re-organization, we would like your input about our 2018 advertising campaign,” a news release said.

After expenses, the Co-op expects to “start our advertising budget this year with about $35,000.”

There will a short “history” of the Co-op effort followed by discussion of the following subjects on the agenda;

• What kinds of advertising would you like to see us use?

• What kinds of features and benefits would interest you to become a member?

• What would you see as an acceptable “cost” for that membership?

The Co-op also will be announcing a “branding” photo/logo contest. The photo currently used as “branding” Ocean Shores is the stump on the beach with the children and the dog.

The owner of winning photo/logo will receive a $100 gift card and possibly photo/logo credit if used. You need to be able to show you own the photo/logo if it is chosen as the winner. The deadline for the contest is Tuesday, May 1. Please send your entries in .jpg format to be considered. Send your entries to info@visitoceanshores.com