Ammunition, possibly from WWII, washes up again on beach

Joint Base Lewis-McChord team on way; public likely to hear booms, like last year, near Pacific Beach

More unexploded ordnance has been found in Grays Harbor County. And more booms are expected this evening.

Chief Criminal Deputy Kevin Schrader said that old bullets, likely from the World War II era, again were washing up on Pacific Beach.

Law enforcement officials are cordoning off areas where the ammunition is found. An explosive ordnance disposal team is en route from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Schrader said.

About this time last year, a similar thing happened. Explosions could be heard Feb. 24 around North Beach after unspent anti-aircraft rounds used in military exercises dating back decades were found.

“These military rounds are believed to be from the 1940s which makes their stability unknown. These rounds can explode upon impact,” Brad Johansson, of the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office, said last year. “These rounds are described as being 6-8 inches in length and 20 mm in diameter. They have the resemblance of large rifle ammunition. Many of these rounds have been located encased in a black rock or sludge matter. These rounds should be considered dangerous.”

Again this year, the Sheriff’s Office is warning the public, “don’t touch, don’t move, don’t transport” any similar device if found. If you see one of these rounds, the Sheriff’s Office says, leave it in place, mark its location and call Grays Harbor County Dispatch at 360-533-8765.