On the Beach: Back-to-School season returns

  • Thu Sep 1st, 2016 9:36am
  • Life

Back to school on the beach, with the North Beach School District set to start classes again on Sept. 7.

Fall is in the air, and everything pumpkin is about to happen. Driving from Ocean Shores to Lake Quinault, you can’t help but notice the changing leaves along the way. The days are still beautiful, but the air is beginning to feel different. Apples and pears are in abundance in the market and corn and watermelon are taking a back row on produce shelves.

The malls and shopping centers are full of back-to-school shoppers. Moms frantically poring over the long school supply lists, trying to find the glue sticks and right kind folders to send in brightly colored new backpacks on the first day. Kids are getting haircuts and those clean new shoes. Choosing carefully which outfit will be the “one” to wear on that first day. Teachers are hard at work in their classrooms decorating and going over lesson plans. Making bright new bulletin boards and name tags for the room of excited smiling faces about to arrive.

Do you have first day of school rituals? A special breakfast with heart shaped pancakes? A note in the lunchbox? Maybe a picture on the front porch or by the school sign. Are you taking a brand new kindergartener to school for the very first time, or saying good morning to your high school senior for the very last first day of school? Maybe your back to school ritual includes coffee or even a Mimosa with other moms to celebrate your 6 hours a day back. I have to admit I’ve done all of these things. This is the first year in 20 years I do not have a kiddo living at home for a first day of school. I think that calls for a Mimosa!

In your back-to-school preparations, why not stop by the Ocean Shores IGA and pick up a back to school bag. They are available to purchase in the lobby for $9.99. Each bag contains paper, pencils, glue, erasers, Kleenex and more. Whether your kids need these for their own supplies or you want to donate them to the food bank for a kid in need, this is a great deal! Start saving those receipts as you shop for school lunch supplies and turn them in to your school. Also save original UPC barcodes from eligible IGA products for proof of purchase. Your child’s school can get cash and supplies they need! Remember to take those donations into Anchor Thrift or the Senior Center when you’re cleaning out the closets. That outgrown coat will make someone smile this fall when its new to them.

You still have one long weekend left to chase summer over Labor Day Weekend. How will you spend it?

North Beach offers some great choices for the last weekend of summer. On Saturday Sept. 3 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at North Bay Park, Ocean Shores “Paddle the Shores” paddle event featuring human-powered boat races, Poker Paddle and Rubber Duck activities for the kids. Sign a team up and join the cardboard boat construction and races. Speakers, demos and fun. Open to kayaks, canoes, SUPs and more. Music, games and of course a watermelon eating contest. Sign up to participate in the event beginning at 9 a.m. The event is still looking for volunteers: you can email Beachgym@live.com to help out.

Get down to Damon Point and spend the afternoon searching for agates, or visit the jetty and explore the driftwood forts, maybe catch a last summer sunset.

Visit the new playground at Oyhut Bay and see the changes happening there. Take an after-dinner walk on the Weatherwax trail before the leaves change. Kick a soccer ball or toss a football around in one of our great parks and get ready for Fall sports. Go see Kina at the 12th Woman or Jean at the Ocean Beach Roasters for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and stroll the beach to remember why we chose this beautiful little beach town to spend all the seasons “On the Beach.”

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