Kids enjoy OS Summer Fun program

  • Thu Aug 1st, 2019 11:30am
  • Life

The last day of the Summer Fun program at Ocean Shores Elementary School featured a barbecue and visits from Ocean Shores firefighters and the mayor.

Co-sponsored by the City of Ocean Shores and the North Beach School District, the program averaged about 65 kids per day, running on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, July 9-25. It was created last year primarily by North Beach school psychologist and Ocean Shores City Council member Bob Peterson. The school district joined the effort this year, and also launched similar programs at Pacific Beach Elementary and North Beach Jr.-Sr. High school.

A staff of five teachers and paraprofessionals was aided by more than a dozen volunteers. The program featured a mix of school subjects and an array of activities including local field trips and longer excursions. Peterson said, “There were a lot of firsts for kids on those trips,” including Tillicum Village via downtown Seattle and a ferry to Blake Island, a Tacoma Rainiers baseball game, and Opal Art Glass in Cosmopolis. Two days of arts projects also proved popular.

Peterson said one of the most gratifying things he observed was the behavior of the kids on the Tillicum Village trip. “In downtown Seattle, it was a five-block walk to where the bus was parked. The older kids were taking the second and third graders by the hand and keeping them safe.” He added, “It was a very fast-paced program, which consistently drew more kids every day.

Planning for next year’s Summer Fun program will begin next January.