Smile Direct Club Reviews – What Every Consumer Must Know Before Buy! Customer Support

For many users, braces can be costly to invest in. And not all mounts are fully covered by insurance companies. This is one of the reasons why people are inclined towards cheaper yet no less effective alternatives like SmileDirectClub. However, there is more to these kits than mere cost. Let us delve deeper into the matter.

About SmileDirectClub

It is a dental care enterprise offering invisible braces to those requiring moderate to mild teeth correction. To know whether you are eligible for this line of treatment, you can request one impression kit. You can return the kit to the company for reassessment upon receiving it. Otherwise, consider visiting your nearby SmileShop physical store for a complimentary 3D scan. A state-licensed doctor reviews each of the cases. Accordingly, a doctor or an orthodontist makes a personalized plan of treatment.

On average, the treatment can continue for about 4-6 months. The company would ship all the aligners that you need to your place. They would also send a whitening system as a bonus. It might take 2-3 weeks for the company to recommend a treatment plan after your teeth and bite impression reaches the doctor.

On Choosing Your Plan

There are two ways to wear SmileDirectClub aligners as a part of treatment:

  • Choosing regular aligners: This would require you to wear the aligners 22 hours per day.
  • Going for nighttime aligners: You must wear them for 10 hours every night.

There would also be dental checkups periodically. Also, for any further help, you can access customer service 24/7. You can access them through live chat, live video, email, or phone.

Why choose this among others?

This mail order-based alignment system helps you get clear aligners directly at home. You can use it to straighten your teeth with the set of aligners the company sends. There would be no need to pay frequent visits to your orthodontist. The doctors would track your progress through the selfie images that you send. Also, the entire treatment is less expensive than braces and other alternatives.

Two Ways of Payment

You can avail two different ways to pay for your SmileDirectClub kits. Paying upfront would cost $2,050. You can also help with easy installments, where you would need to pay $89 for 26 months. However, to make it, you would need to deposit $250. However, you eventually pay more for the same product through installments. However, the good news is that the company often offers profitable deals and offers to save more with your purchase.

Arranging the Funds

The company also works with a majority of leading insurers. These include UnitedHealthcare, as well as Aetna. Also, you can pay using CareCredit, a health savings account, or HSA. You can also use your funds in a flexible spending account or FSA to purchase the Kot from SmileDirectClub.

How safe is it?

Despite all the craze about it, you might have come across some negative reviews from customers and warnings from orthodontists. So why not separate the facts from the mandate by judging the pros and cons?

The upsides of having it are:

  • Clear aligners give better aesthetics.
  • You can get a plan of payment without any check for credit.
  • Treatment is relatively fast. It takes just about 4-6 months.
  • It comes with a complementary teeth-whitening material.
  • For your convenience, nighttime-only aligners are available.
  • You also get a Water Flosser along with 2 flossing tips.
  • It is capable of clearing up as much as 99% of plaques from the gum lines, as well as in between the teeth.
  • The makers claim it can be as much as 50% more effective than ordinary floss strings.
  • However, on the downside you do not get to meet the orthodontist in person as a patient.
  • Since the aligners are designed following the impression you make at home or on 3D scans, there is a chance of preparing faulty products.
  • These aligners do not stay attached to your teeth. So, there is a chance that the aligners would move around your mouth.
  • The orthodontist working on your case cannot access the health details of your bones, gum tissue, or jaw movement.
  • You have to buy the retainers separately.
  • Some users have complained about bite issues some months after completing the treaty.
  • There is a chance of having problems like an open bite in the posterior and similar issues regarding the bite and jaw.

How it Works

You can choose to make it on your own. The procedure shafts with your physical. Visit a nearby SmileDirectClub store. There, the trained staff would take 3D images of your teeth. Alternatively, you can even use molds at home to capture your teeth’ impression. Expert orthodontists analyze the cases to customize a treatment plan for you. And between the treatment periods, you access all the help you need from customer care executives and online doctors.

The Easier Way to Excellence?

Though it has been a bestseller, the honest reviews of SmileDirectClub have been mixed. Here’s what some of the accurate and verified users have to say about it.

  • Alliasandra from Los Angeles, CA, decided to try it after seeing the advertisement. She decided to have it after a visit to the dentist because the cost of the treatment that they chose was high. She was satisfied with the results.
  • Brenton from Provo, UT, loved the impression kits, which came with very easy-to-understand and clear instructions. As mentioned, the kits are easy to return, customer care was excellent, as he mentions, and the people working there kept him informed about the line of treatment. He could save some extra by using a promotion that he received, as well.

Now that you know the upsides and downsides of the product, you can judge both factors before making a better-informed purchase.