Letters: Two views of local council race

Correcting letter

and inccorrect facts

In the October 19 North Coast News, Al Lizakowski submitted a letter filled with fictitious information about Councilman John Lynn. He stated he checked with the PDC (Public Discloser Commission) records and that supporters of John Lynn had hired a Seattle firm to accuse Susan Conniry of false innuendos. I don’t know where he got that information, but it wasn’t based on facts. According to the PDC, the facts are: a Facebook ad about Susan sponsored by and paid for by Citizens for a Better Ocean Shores appeared which contained derogatory information. The firm creating this ad was Argo Strategies, Apparently, Argo Strategies is a political firm, and for this ad they show a Jim Freeman as campaign manager, Jason Bennett as treasurer. There is no mention of John Lynn. It is unknown why someone placed an ad like that. The campaign manager has an out of state (California?) phone number. But what we do know is John Lynn had nothing to do with that, nor did his supporters.

The saddest thing regarding what happened is that a citizen, Al Lizakowski, chose to submit incorrect facts to the newspaper. That was wrong and hurtful to a quality Councilman. John has lived his life beyond reproach. He would not accept an offered donation to purchase signs when the first batch (he paid for) began to disappear. The only thing he would allow later was one endorsement ad. Several of us felt strongly enough about the need to retain John on the Council that we chipped in to pay for an ad with all of our names.

It’s time to stop all the mud- slinging and focus on the best candidates to elect or re-elect, for our City Council and keep our city moving in the right direction.

Diane Beckley

Ocean Shores

Engagement and learning,

supporting Conniry

Coming from a family of educators and having been involved in my community for years, I value learning and engagement. Therefore, after moving to Ocean Shores last year, I set out to learn more about the city that I knew simply from my years of coming here on vacation. I began attending meetings that I learned about in the newspaper calendar and I soon met Susan Conniry. She invited us to town halls and showed us how to become engaged with our community. I quickly discovered Community Voices, Susan’s weekly Thursday meeting. At Community Voices, I’ve met state and county representatives and learned about state and county issues. I’ve learned from other guests about local resources. Susan’s efforts to inform and engage citizens have helped me be more familiar with our city. Want to find out about a resource or learn about what’s going on? Ask Susan, if she doesn’t have the answer she will find out and connect you to the right people.

I have no doubt that Susan will continue this spirit of service and engagement on the City Council. She will work tirelessly to connect citizens to resources, just as she’s done with Community Voices and with the citizen town halls that she’s created and co-hosted. She will continue to be available, engaged and accessible to all Shores’ citizens. The servant’s attitude that Susan exhibits is exactly what we need on the council, it’s why I am voting for Susan Conniry for City Council and why I encourage everyone to do so.

Kathryn Sprigg

Ocean Shores