Letters to the Editor: Lynn thanks community before final Council meeting

Lynn thanks supporters

at final Council meeting

Tonight, Dec. 11, is my last night as a city councilman and, as such, I would like to thank some special people in our community.

First I would like to thank the registered voters of our City that have given me the opportunity to represent them over the past eight years. It has been challenging, to say the least. Our city has moved from near bankruptcy to one in which we are able to make good decisions for the future.

I would also like to thank those who work in and for our city. We are fortunate to have employees who work hard every day to make a difference for all of us.

No one person could or should take credit for all of the positive happenings in Ocean Shores. I would however single out the council members and mayors who have looked to the future and worked hard, as a team, to see that the future continues to improve for all of our citizens.

Last but certainly not least I want to acknowledge my wife, Sally, for her support not only here in Ocean Shores but throughout our 56 years together.

Thank you,

John Lynn

Football linked to

significant brain damage

I overhead a proud grandmother bragging on her high-school football star grandson. Fact: virtually 100 percent of autopsied pro-football players had significant brain damage.

Fact: virtually 100 percent of autopsied mass killers had significant brain damage. Fact: damage to specific parts of the brain result in severe anti-social behavior. Google “Phineas Gage” or “Aaron Hernandez”.

We don’t know, because so far, we refuse to study, how many ultra conservative politicians, bullies, criminals, wife abusers, etc. have brain damage.

We do know that slapping a child’s head, or shaking them, can cause brain damage.

GO SEAHAWKS! Recruit more school age footballers, sell more AR15’s. (Sarcasm, just in case you fell out of bed on your head, or something).

Richard Wills

Ocean Shores