Letters: Supporting Conniry, thanking public officials

Conniry for City Council

I’m voting November 7 for Susan Conniry. Susan will be a leader who is accessible, accountable and brings new ideas for a better Ocean Shores. Susan has a proven record of leadership: Planning Commission, Board of Equalization, Block Watch and many more.

She’s a real person with real-life experiences that give her a special understanding of problems and issues facing Ocean Shores citizens. With her strong commitment to open government, citizen involvement and a proven understanding of public policy objectives, Susan will be a great addition to our City Council.

Susan is a good listener with a record for encouraging public discussion. Want to talk to Susan? Just ask for a meeting or come to one of her open forums. You won’t have to catch her by chance at the Post Office or the IGA. She will hear you out. Susan will reply to every email.

Susan brings a new and fresh approach to City Government. She views Council meetings as a place to conduct City business but also to hear from taxpayers that pay the bills.

She will encourage public comments and get the views of taxpayers that are affected by Council decisions.

You will never hear Susan say the purpose of the City Council is to Tax and Spend. Instead, Susan will weigh all the options, seek alternatives, cost reductions and make spending decisions for the benefit of the taxpayers. Best of all, she will come to each Council meeting fully prepared to discuss all issues on the agenda, no matter how long it takes. I doubt Susan will hold the record for waiving Second Readings to force a vote on issues that have not been thoroughly discussed.

I’m disgusted with the recent anonymous, dishonest and slanderous Facebook posts intended to degrade the qualities Susan will bring to the City Council.

There are people in town who do not want Susan to succeed because she wants to change the status quo and make Ocean Shores a better place. They’re opposed to changing the way the City is being run. These posts have convinced me that change is needed and Susan is the person to do it.

That’s why I’m voting for Susan Conniry. I urge all voters to do the same.

Donald S. Williams

Ocean Shores

Never inappropriate

to thank officials

In a letter to the editor last week, Maggie Ely claimed that it was somehow improper for a respected citizen, Jeanne Finke, to thank four current and former city officials for their service.

I am not sure whether the accusation of ‘Electioneering” was more ridiculous or offensive.

To claim that a sincere Thank You to Mayor Crystal Dingler, Council members John Lynn and Gordon Broadbent as well as former Finance Director Steve Ensley is somehow against the rules in a city council meeting is just plain wrong.

It is never inappropriate to say Thank You to a public figure. The Thank You was particularly meaningful when coming from Jeanne Finke who has done so much for this city over the years.

Ms. Ely on the other hand is new to our city and seems to be caught up in the negativity and outrageous conduct of the this current campaign season.

Lillian Broadbent

Ocean Shores