Letters: Sales tax for roads

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Sales tax fact sheet

misses full story

I’m sure that we’ve all seen the fact sheet that the city put in our water bills for the proposed sales tax increase. They’re missing part of the story. When the road LID bonds were issued, 10 percent of this money went into what was called the admin fund to guarantee bond repayment. As the bonds are paid down, there was an obvious surplus in the account. The city, in the last 3 years, has taken $724,000 from this fund and transferred it into various city funds, where has essentially disappeared. This money should have been put into a fund strictly for road repairs, but instead was “subsumed” to pay off an interfund loan and the rest just evaporated. Don’t be surprised that if this new $220,000 is given to the city, that it could be used to finance the Point Brown Sidewalk legacy project with some new kind of bond proposal and that very little will trickle in to actually repair existing roads. If we couldn’t trust the city to use all the $724,000 road LID admin money to repair roads, can we really trust them to use this new money wisely?

Al Lizakowski

Ocean Shores

Lantern Lunch Progam

thanks Ace/Buck Electric

The Green Lantern Lunch Program would like to thank Ace Hardware/Buck Electric for their donation of an awesome smoker — $1,110.00 worth of tickets were sold and there was a lucky winner named Judy. We really appreciate the donation, which helped our program so much. This is a perfect example of community unity that enables us to continue to feed the kids here on the North Beach. We are into our third week of the summer lunch program and are taking out 590 lunches three days a week. We invite you to come see the operation and join in as a volunteer.

Phyllis Shaughnessy