Letters: Importance of know local history; Ensley supported for council

Knowing city’s history

important to consider

This is in answer to the letter from Maggie Ely. Welcome to Ocean Shores, Maggie! My previous letter was not meant to muzzle new comers to the Shores. New ideas are what help a community grow. What I object to is people who don’t know the history of this city — what has transpired and why, in years past – making false assumptions and listening to other people who don’t know their history either. One stumbling block to the truth is “The influence of fragile and unworthy authority,” and as the (paraphrased) saying goes, those who don’t learn from mistakes are bound to repeat them. So, I just ask that people who have moved here in the past five or six years or less please avail yourselves of the accurate information and history needed to make informed choices so you are not ignorant (or unaware or unknowing if you want other words for it).

Also, I do not think it is necessary to disparage someone if you disagree with them — particularly our mayor, who has given more to this city in the past six years than anyone in the 21 years my husband and I have lived here, and there are people who are needlessly disparaging her. Let’s not make this election a battle. Let’s exchange ideas, discuss them without rancor and make informed decisions based on sharing “true” facts, and use the art of compromise to do what is best for our wonderful town by the sea. And the word ignorant was not meant to be insulting, but only to call attention to the lack of “true facts” being presented by some people who are trying to influence our decisions.

That brings me to reply to the letter from Susan Conniry about her welcome to an unaware (or ignorant) newbie to Ocean Shores. I just have to ask, since she was being so noble after calling the police on this poor woman, and plastering her face all over Facebook, why she didn’t help her instead of watching her as she put the signs back? Great welcome to Ocean Shores. Bet she learned her lesson, and I wonder who she won’t be voting for?

Patty Lavallee

Ocean Shores

Elect Steve Ensley Council Position 5

The upcoming election is an important one for the citizens of Ocean Shores.

The economy is on the upswing and we continue to grow. Much of this is due to

the efforts of Steve Ensley. Steve served for five years as the finance director for

the city as well as director of the Convention Center. Because of Steve’s efforts as finance director, the city’s financial position and credit rating improved. He returned the city to timely reporting and clean audits. He restructured the Convention Center debt to provide long term viability and initiated the repayment of all inter-fund debts. Steve is well qualified. He has an MBA from the University of Michigan and has had forty years of private industry experience in finance and marketing.

The citizens of Ocean Shores are fortunate that Steve has elected to make his home here and is willing to continue to work for the city. Steve is a good listener, has a positive attitude and an easy going manner.

Steve is the clear choice for council position 5. He has the integrity, commitment and leadership skills necessary to be an effective member of the council.

Charles Baer

Ocean Shores