Letters: Election opinions in City Council races

Electioneering at

City Council meetings

At a previous council meeting, Mayor Dingler gave a speech about how there is to be no electioneering at council meetings. At last night’s council meeting, during public comment, resident Jeanne Finke praised two candidates by name. One, a sitting council member and the other the prior finance director. There was no protest from the mayor. In fact she made no comment and allowed the speaker to continue her praise of active candidates. This was recorded for broadcast over taxpayer paid TV and streamed live on the city owned radio station. We can only speculate as to the change of heart but we fully expect that Mayor Dingler will allow other residents, who wish to praise City Council candidates during public comment, the same opportunity.

Maggie Ely

Ocean Shores

Supporting Lisa Griebel

This letter is written in support of Lisa Griebel for Position 3 on the City Council of Ocean Shores.

It has been an extreme pleasure getting to know Lisa Griebel as an educator, administrator and dedicated public servant. As an administrator in the schools our children attended, we have never run across a person who is more dedicated to families and members of her community.

What comes to mind when we think of Lisa is that she exemplifies the greatest standards that define strong school leadership. Lisa excels in all areas of leadership capacities. In the areas of school culture, she assured all students felt safe and were treated fairly. She led of a diverse community of parents, staff and students speaking multiple languages and representing many cultures. She assured everyone understood their roles regarding their rights and responsibilities which assured equal access to quality learning. Daily she fought “tooth and nail” for the underserved or disenfranchised students and families.

We believe she would be an incredible asset to the Ocean Shores city council because of her experience with engaging communities, and her desire to have a positive impact on the world around her. She is aware of issues that may be cropping up and has the tools to address those issues.

One of the greatest lessons we learned from Lisa was how she influenced the political, social, and cultural aspects of her job and how she responded to them. During her time at Federal Way High School, Lisa networked with community agencies and service organizations to provide increased levels of services and support for students and families-including Communities in Schools, Federal Way Youth and Family Services, College Success Foundation, and the University of Washington’s Dream Project. Lisa has the skill, ability, and experience from her principal position to serve with distinction on the Ocean Shores City Council.

We urge the community of Ocean Shores to elect Lisa Griebel for Position 3 on the City Council.

Jerry and Maggie Warren

Ocean Shores