Letters: City Council elections, local ‘mud slinging’

Lynn supported

for Council Position 1

In these days of flashy politics where TV personalities and actors get elected for public office I think it is important to remember that what we need in our political leaders is not name recognition but reliability, wisdom and ethics.

I want to give a shout out to John Lynn, always well prepared and experienced, intelligent and resourceful. He is willing to do the unpopular but effective tasks required to run Ocean Shores. He is disciplined and knowledgeable but he does his work quietly, without bombast. When you vote for city Council, please remember John Lynn’s steady, productive work. After watching him in action during Monday meetings I have come to consider him the bedrock of the city Council. We need him to continue on as our councilmember, particularly as there might be many newcomers to the task.

Susan: I wish you were running against someone else, someone less essential to Council than John Lynn. As it is, John Lynn gets my vote. I hope he gets most votes too.

Alex Suarez

Ocean Shores

Mud slinging should

have no place

I would like to make a clarification in response to the letter from Lillian Broadbent in the Oct. 12 North Coast News. Evidently Lillian and I have a different view about campaigning. The mayor, at a previous council meeting was very firm about not using council meetings for an election forum. Whether you are saying thank you or levying any other kind of praise, the fact that one of our citizens “thanked” two candidates for council is, in my opinion, campaigning. Lillian and I disagree about that. My real issue with Lillian comes from her perception that since I am a fairly new resident to Ocean Shores that I don’t know “The Rules.” She seems to think that because I support a candidate who cares about ALL of the citizens here (even us newcomers) that I have become caught up in “the negativity and outrageous conduct of this current campaign season.” I would remind Lillian that the hateful rhetoric and nasty comments are not coming from supporters of Susan Conniry. Most recently, a vile Facebook site, “Citizens For A Better Ocean Shores,” was created strictly for the purpose of trashing Susan by posting lies and half truths. It is mud slinging at it’s highest level and has no place in this town. I am calling on Mayor Dingler, The Ocean Shores City Council, and every candidate in this race to denounce this site. To do any less indicates that you condone such dirty politics!

Maggie Ely

Ocean Shores

Conniry supported

for Council Position 1

If you thought the Clinton/Trump campaign had some serious mud slinging going on, it doesn’t hold a candle to what is transpiring in the Conniry/Lynn campaign. According to PDC records, supporters of Lynn have hired a Seattle firm of political strategists called Argostrategies and they are trying to accuse Susan of false innuendos just short of starting World War II.

In short, do you want Lynn, who has either sponsored or supported every piece of tax raising legislation in his eight years in office, or Susan Conniry, who has sponsored for our citizens a number of town hall meetings to keep citizens informed, that has never happened since 2010, and has appeared before City Council a number of times to try to bring a common sense approach to our city government? Susan is trying to represent the needs and wants of citizens of this community and to get away from this tax and spend philosophy, so I say, let’s give her a chance.

Al Lizakowski

Ocean Shores