Letters: Citizens support City Council candidates

Retain John Lynn

for Council Position 1

John has the experience, knowledge, and energy our City needs.

He was elected to the City Council in 2010 and has experienced our City during the most serious financial times, and helped keep it from financial collapse. John’s understanding of the problems allowed him to explain it to citizens, other Council members, and government entities if needed. His financial education included an MBA from college, and 32 years of owning and running with his wife Sally, their own successful business.

John has always been active in the city he has lived in. In addition to volunteering for community needs, he and Sally were active for over 15 years in The Mountaineers, a group dedicated to the outdoors with over 10,000 members in our state. He was Board Chair of the 1200 member Tacoma branch helping members organize climbing, hiking, back packing, and water related activities throughout Washington State. They continue to support outdoor conservation and physically active groups.

In the many years living in Ocean Shores, he and his wife have volunteered weekly at our elementary school reading to the kids. He is a member of Kiwanis and volunteers 1 day a week at our Chamber. He and Sally support homeless people, our Anchor Thrift store and food bank, Galilean church, and numerous charitable events. John recently walked the Flag Day parade greeting people and handing out treats to kids young and old.

While on the City Council John has supported funding to maintain roads, and voted to support funding to keep Surf and Rescue for our City. He worked with our State Rep. Mike Chapman to secure State funds for our Convention Center, and has a major responsibility of representing O/S on the Council of Governments, where he interacts with other city and government leaders throughout Grays Harbor County.

John comes prepared to all our City Council meetings, and follows through on his responsibilities and commitments. Our City needs John Lynn. Please vote to keep him on our City Council, position 1.

Diane Beckley,

Ocean Shores

Supporting Conniry for Council Position 1

As a property owner in Ocean Shores since 1981, we have had plenty of opportunity to observe many different administrations and city councils over the years. Since we reside in Kent, WA and are registered to vote there, we are interested in seeing a person like Susan Conniry become a member of the City Council. We are particularly impressed by how active she has become in the community, and how willing she is to challenge issues that need more community input and involvement by “sticking her nose into places” through organizing town halls and public forums to help us be more aware of issues that will affect us. We need a person like Susan on the council to initiate open discussion on issues; to challenge us to be more aware of the issues; to seek out non-residents such as us who pay taxes, purchase products and services, pay year round utilities to help support the community, for our input even though we cannot vote in Ocean Shores. Susan has the energy and persistence to be active in the community and is very concerned about keeping our costs in control, but will work tirelessly to provide services that the community, including tourists and non-residents, feel are necessary to provide a safe and welcoming environment. She will challenge anyone or any issue if she feels there is a need to do so. She has over 40 years of experience in public service and involvement. She is clearly an outstanding candidate and deserves your support and vote for Position 1 on the Ocean Shores City Council.

Jerry and Bonnie Guddat

Kent, WA