PUD exhibit available to public

The Grays Harbor PUD ARC Demonstration Trailer made its debut at the Grays Harbor County Fair last week, and it is now available for use at other public events.

Decked out in new signs and equipment, the trailer brings power lines and transformers down to eye level for safety demonstrations around Grays Harbor. As a working replica of a PUD electrical system, the trailer will allow PUD crews to show why caution and safety are needed when working around power lines.

The ARC Trailer was a central part of the PUD’s Grays Harbor County Fair booth.

Now that the fair is over, it will be available for displays at local schools and facilities to show what happens when everyday objects like kites, ladders and saws come into contact with active power lines.

Organizations interested in scheduling an arc trailer demonstration should contact the Grays Harbor PUD Safety Director at (360) 538-6248.