North Beach School District superintendent resigns

After nearly four years with the North Beach School District, Superintendent Andrew Kelly has resigned from his position.

On April 23, the district and Kelly reached an agreement that “separation of Kelly’s employment is in the best interests of the parties” and that Kelly will leave his current employment contract effective June 30. Kelly has been on paid leave following a unanimous vote of the North Beach School District Board of Directors in a Special Meeting on March 13.

According to the resignation agreement, Kelly will remain on leave through June 30. He will continue to be paid his salary and benefits until the effective date. He also remains eligible to cash in up to 30 days of unused vacation by the effective date.

While Kelly has waived several rights for the subsequent years of contract, the district will still pay him a sizable sum in the form of installments over the next year.

“On July 1, 2022, October 1, 2022, January 1, 2023 and April 1, 2023 Kelly shall be paid an additional sum of $46,436.00 for a total of $185,744.00, and hereby waives any rights to this contract for its remaining term, July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2025,” states the resignation agreement.

During Kelly’s mid-year evaluation at the Jan. 18 district board meeting, the board unanimously voted to extend Kelly’s contract through June 2025. Kelly was anonymously scored on a scale of 1-4 by every board member prior to the meeting and received high marks.

Kelly’s payout comes among board discussion of reduction in force (RIF) across the district. According to a Wednesday, April 27, Special Meeting of the board, the district has 39 fewer students enrolled than previously budgeted. The district receives around $10,000 per student in state funding.

The board had previously stated that Kelly’s leave status would remain in place pending an investigation into information requiring review. The district has not shared the nature of the investigation or the information brought forth against Kelly, stating they “do not comment on personnel issues.”

The resignation agreement includes provisions acknowledging Kelly’s controversial ending with the school district.

“This Agreement is neither a concession nor admission by Kelly or the District that any matters involved in this dispute are well founded nor a concession or admission by either party,” the agreement states.

The agreement also releases Kelly from any acts or events that could have given rise to any claims on the part of district against him through the date of the settlement agreement.

Angela Lyte Crowther has served as Acting Superintendent in Kelly’s absence. For the 2021-22 school year, Lyte Crowther was the Assistant Superintendent and District Lead in absence of the superintendent or in emergency situations. This district has not shared further information on Crowther’s role as Acting Superintendent or any plans to replace Kelly.

The next meeting of the North Beach School District Board of Directors is scheduled for May 17 at North Beach Middle/High School.