House near fire department catches fire

No casualties were reported.

Aberdeen Fire Department fire personnel responded to a fire after observing it from their station on Thursday morning.

Personnel observed smoke and flames while at the headquarters station and moved out before even being dispatched, according to a fire department news release.

The fire likely began from a cigarette, said resident Chivonne Sampson in an interview.

“I woke up this morning and there was flames,” Sampson said.

Her husband was able to rescue her, as well as their dogs and birds without serious injury, Sampson said, and the house was clear when emergency personnel arrived.

Fire department personnel arriving on-scene observed smoke and fire from the second floor of the residence, according to the news release. The fire was brought to heel in about 10 minutes, with significant smoke and fire damage to the second floor alongside water damage to the first floor.

No firefighters were injured in the fire, according to the release.