City to start roadside herbicide spraying June 4

New procedure to follow if you don’t want applications on your property line

The city of Ocean Shores plans to begin its annual roadside herbicide treatment activities on June 4, and there is a new procedure to follow if you don’t want spraying along your property.

The Public Works department said that work is weather-dependent and as a result is subject to change.

“The objective of this application is preserving a gravel shoulder adjacent to the pavement that is free of vegetation,” said a release from Public Works Director Nick Bird.

“Historically, the city has verbally entered into agreements with adjacent land owners that would like to maintain their frontage in lieu of having herbicides applied,” Bird’s release noted. Beginning this year, the city will require filling out what is called an “Agreement to Control Vegetation on Road Rights of Way.”

“The agreement provides adjacent property owners the opportunity to maintain the city right of way in lieu of application of herbicides,” the release said.

If you would prefer to maintain the city right of way as an alternative to having herbicide placed at the edge of pavement, visit or contact John Wagner at (360) 289-2824 to obtain a copy of the agreement. Completed agreement forms can be emailed to or delivered to the Permit Office located at 801 Minard Avenue NW. Forms must be received by noon on June 1, 2018 to ensure staff has enough time to place markings at the subject property.