City reviews ongoing Public Works projects

The mid-year list of Public Works projects for the city of Ocean Shores includes continued discussion and deadlines for design elements on the proposed Point Brown sidewalks/crosswalks and bike lanes project.

“The funding agencies expect that in January 2019 we will begin spending design money to prepare plans and specifications for bids,” said the final item in the list submitted to the City Council last month. “Working backwards to accomplish this requirement, we will need to have a contract for design services executed in December 2018, selection of the design firm made in November 2018, and advertisement for design services in October 2018. Ideally, we should have all major design decisions made prior to October 2018.”

Key design elements that are listed as needing confirmation by October are intersections, “cut-throughs,” parking, non-motorized improvements, right of way impacts, and the city’s share of costs.

Other highlights from the report from Public Works Director Nick Bird:

• Oyhut Bay: “The entryway/frontage improvements are well underway and expected to be completed in the near future. Phase II of the residential development is planned to start construction activities in August. Civil design for Phase III may be submitted as early as October.”

• South Razor Clam Bridge: “Based on our current forecasts, it appears that we will close the project out approximately $150,000 under budget.”

• Safe Routes to School project: “Along with the pathway from Ocean Lake Way to Taurus adjacent to Pt. Brown, the project also included procurement and installation of the radar signs adjacent to the elementary school, speed enforcement patrols by law enforcement throughout the school year, acquisitions of 30 bicycles and a protective cover, as well as 120 bicycle helmets and 100 leg guards. To top it all off, the North Beach School District received training on establishing a bicycle safety physical education program which will be used at the Ocean Shores Elementary School.”

• Abatement properties: “220 East Rain Street abatement is complete. The total cost of the work was approximately $15,000.”

• Road Repairs in 2018: “”We expect that we will be able to get six weeks of work in before the weather turns. The work will be divided into three bid schedules so that we can ensure that some work gets done in the event bids come in higher than predicted.”

• Water main extension, Kahkwo Ct. “We have acquired three easements and we are still coordinating with the fourth property owner.”