CBD North Review : Best CBD Products In Canada In 2022 | Buy Premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats And CBD Pain Cream From The Best Hemp Brand

CBD North is one of the leading brands for CBD products based in Canada. Not only is it a well-respected brand on the market, but it is also very admirable as it has a charity program and CBD assistance for those in need.

If you are interested in what this brand has to offer, keep reading our CBD North review, since we will cover all of the products they provide, pricing, special offers, customer policies, and other vital details.

Who Should Use CBD North?

What sets CBD North apart from numerous other brands in the CBD space is their compassion, transparency and determination to provide the finest possible CBD products. CBD North believes that everyone has a right to get affordable high-grade products, so they also offer a CBD assistance program designed to help people struggling financially or belonging to a certain sector.

This program helps people with low income, disabilities, veterans, students, firefighters, teachers, doctors, nurses, Canadians that receive Covid relief, and others. Those that are approved will get 45% off full-priced orders and buy their CBD product for affordable pricing.

To take advantage of the program, you can apply directly on the site by registering, creating an account and filling out a quick survey. If approved, you can proceed to purchase the product you need for an excellent price.

It is essential to mention that in order to apply, you need to be at least 19 years old.

Brand Overview

CBD North is a relatively new brand, but their products have been on the market under the name Spark of Life CBD before they decided to rebrand. This brand uses 100% Canadian hemp grown organically to provide the finest products.

All of CBD North’s goods are third-party lab tested for quality, potency and safety, to consume and use. The brand uses advanced manufacturing techniques and safe extraction methods as well as puts time and effort into each product.

As a transparent brand, CBD North has published lab reports publicly on their website so that every customer can access the COAs and check significant details about the products. The reports include information such as CBD, cannabinoid, terpene content, whether there are any harmful chemicals and toxins present, etc.

CBD North has been featured in several popular media outlets such as Observer, LA Weekly, Ministry of Hemp, Minister CBD and CBD Handle, due to their bestseller products.

Additional details about the brand

They use innovation, science and technology to produce the line of CBD products but in a sustainable manner. The packaging in which the products are stored during shipping shows that CBD North is also an environmentally-friendly brand.

CBD North’s vision is to provide the best possible products for their customers, so they offer CBD gummies, cream, and full-spectrum and isolate CBD oil. On top of that, the brand has a line for pets, meaning that both you and your furry friend can enjoy high-quality CBD oils. They put a lot of time into the production process, and use a safe extraction process which also results in potent CBD products.

Although the brand is newer, the team behind it is very experienced and involved in the whole production process. As a result, the products are organic, additives-free, potent and can provide many health benefits. The brand has an outstanding reputation on the market and, as a transparent and reliable brand, has gained the trust of numerous customers.

CBD North Pros and Cons


  • The only brand in Canada that offers a CBD assistance program
  • Full-spectrum and all-natural CBD products
  • Independent lab-tested and THC free products
  • High-quality products made with only natural ingredients
  • Affordable prices on all products
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices and packaging
  • Pure CBD products with a fantastic potency
  • Several products produced using industry safety standards
  • Best CBD oil for cats and dogs
  • Protected SSL payments and informative website
  • Active customer service for issues and inquiries
  • Free shipping on orders above $99
  • Effective products that can provide many health benefits
  • A brand operated by experts with experience in the industry


  • Without assistance, pricing might be high for some buyers
  • No option for subscription and reordering so far
  • Limited products variety
  • The shipping is only free for orders costing more than $99

Ingredients Used In CBD North’s Products

Besides organically grown hemp, CBD North’s products contain science-backed and carefully-selected ingredients. They are all-natural and without chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, GMOs and artificial additives in the form of colorings and flavors. The goods also consist of secondary cannabinoids and terpenes that work together with CBD in order to provide a unique experience.

The way the products work is by affecting the receptors in the brain located in the body’s endocannabinoid system. According to many studies, CBD can provide many health benefits, including relaxing your mind and body, reducing symptoms of overwhelming stress, anxiety, and depression, improving sleeping patterns, uplifting mood, regulating appetite, and others.

Furthermore, CBD has often been used in the medical field as a natural aid for treating different conditions.

Products Overview – How Do CBD North Products Work?

Now that you are more familiar with this popular Canadian brand, in this CBD North review we will talk about all the products that the brand offers, the effects they can provide and the price rate you can purchase them for.

CBD oil isolate

CBD North provides THC-free oil created with premium organic hemp extract. The oil isolate contains only natural ingredients, along with an organic MCT oil as a carrier oil. As a result, the oil is pure and entirely natural.

Moreover, this product is tested for both quality and potency, and it is considered safe to consume. You can purchase the oil for $64.99 to get a potency of 1000mg CBD in total or 33.3mg in 1ml.

Additionally, the brand offers CBD isolate oil in 2000mg CBD or 66.7mg in 1ml costing $199.99, but you can also purchase two bottles of 2000mg for a price of $219.99.

The oil doesn’t have psychoactive properties so it won’t make you high, but it can provide you with many other potential benefits. The oil is made to support your overall wellness, reduce anxiety and stress, enhance mood, improve sleep quality, reduce pain and inflammation and give you a pleasant, relaxing sensation.

Premium full-spectrum CBD oil

CBD North’s full-spectrum CBD really changes the game regarding highly-effective CBD products. It contains a unique blend of cannabinoids alongside CBD, each of which can provide different health benefits. The oil is made from organic hemp, and it is tested for quality assurance.

The brand’s natural oil is THC-free, so it won’t make you high, and it is free of additives and preservatives that can otherwise put your overall health at risk.

The full-spectrum oil contains organic MCT oil and is available in potencies of 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg CBD in one bottle. The CBD oil Canada is made using safe and advanced manufacturing practices, and using industry quality check standards. The oil has a high concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids, making it very potent.


What differentiates CBD North’s oil from many others on the market is that it contains a unique blend of cannabinoids for a smooth and one-of-a-kind experience. The concentration of CBD is intended to alleviate chronic pain and improve your sleep quality. This cannabinoid is also known to have antioxidant properties.

Additionally, CBG is another cannabinoid found in CBD North’s oil. It’s intended to reduce inflammation, reduce acne, improve your memory and provide antibacterial properties. In addition, the THCv cannabinoid is present in this natural oil for the purpose of reducing anxiety, suppressing appetite, and enhancing focus, energy and mood.

Finally, the unique blend contains CBDv cannabinoids that can be effective for reducing nausea, improving skin, and providing neuroprotection. It can also be beneficial for bladder dysfunction.

By creating such a blend, the oil creates a so-called ‘Entourage Effect,’ meaning that each cannabidiol enhances the effect on the order, which makes the oil very effective.

CBD oil for dogs and cats

CBD North features all-natural CBD oil that is made from organic hemp and is THC-free. The brand uses only the cleanest and purest ingredients to provide the best for your pets, so the oil doesn’t contain any artificial colors, and flavors like it is the case with other products. Instead, it contains organic MCT oil as well as a Wild Alaskan Salmon, which dogs and cats love for its yummy taste.

The oil comes with 250mg CBD in one bottle, making it very strong and effective. It is intended to relieve both pain and inflammation, soothe the pet’s anxiety and give them a more restful quality sleep.

CBD North’s oil is also made to be suitable for age-related problems for cats and dogs, such as joint pain caused by arthritis. Containing only natural ingredients along with Omega 3s, the oil is intended to improve the pet’s overall health and reduce any discomfort and stress they have.

Price and dosing

You can purchase CBD oil for your dog and cat for the brand’s website for a price of $34.99. Just like it is the case with the other products, CBD North has implemented third-party testing on the oil, making sure that it is safe for pets to enjoy as they value their experience. You can view the lab reports online, which shows that the brand is candid about what they provide.

Moreover, the dosage for humans and animals regarding CBD products is not the same (as animals need much less), so the brand also features a dosing chart for both dogs and cats, depending on the symptoms they have and the severity of pain they feel.

CBD pain cream – body balm

If you are in need of soothing aches and pains relief, CBD North offers a plant-based pain cream made from organic hemp. It eases pain in muscles and joints, nourishes dry and itchy skin, improves damaged skin and restores your natural well-being.

It is a combination of 600mg CBD with plant extracts such as Rosehip, Jojoba, and Calendula (Marigold), all of which have synergistic healing properties. The body balm costs $59.99 and it is available in three scents.

Three different scents

CBD North provides three different scented CBD pain creams in unscented, lavender lemongrass and rose, and vanilla. You can enjoy an unscented natural experience with gentle creamy hints of shea butter, or get a body balm that is infused with lavender and refreshing citrus spark. Lavender is used as it can soothe anxiety and acne, whereas lemongrass is known to provide pain-relief benefits.

With rich French Vanilla and Passionate Rose Geranium, this body balm can provide you with a soothing sensation that uplifts your mood and provides anti-aging benefits.


The plant-based ingredients used are carefully-picked to provide different benefits. The Rosehip Oil extracted from Wild Rose Bushes can be found in CBD North’s body balm because of its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Such ingredients can also be very beneficial for treating eczema.

On the ingredient list, you can also find Jojoba Oil which is a Native American remedy that is made from plants with the same name (Jojoba). This is because such oil can provide many potential benefits and has skin-repairing, wound-healing and anti-acne properties.

Additionally, the Calendula extract from the Marigold plant is known to contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and wound-healing properties. CBD North’s body creams go in smoothly, penetrate profoundly and rub in entirely. They are THC-free and don’t leave a greasy residue, which is very rare to find!

Lab testing and dosing

All pain creams are lab tested for quality and easy to use, as all you need to do is apply on the affected area. The brand also has a CBD dosing chart and an informative guide that you can view to find out how to use each product and in which amount based on your age, weight, body tolerance, etc.

Sour Berry CBD gummies

For those who would like to enjoy the benefits of CBD while eating tasty treats, CBD North offers the Sour Berry gummies from Mystic Edibles. They come in sour and savory, mouth-watering flavors of raspberry and blackberry, and are made from organically grown Canadian hemp.

In addition, the gummies are infused with CBD hemp oil and available in the potency of 300mg in total or 20mg CBD per gummy, which is an ideal potency for beginners. In one pack, you get 15 gummies that don’t have psychoactive properties and won’t make you ‘high’ but can provide many potential effects.

Such treats are made for relaxing your mind and body, easing anxiety symptoms, soothing pain and discomfort, improving insomnia and other sleeping conditions, and supporting your overall wellness. They don’t contain artificial colorings and flavors that are risky for the health, but are sweetened with organic cane sugar and made with vegan gelatin.


The price for these tasty edibles is $29.99 for one pack. You can find them on CBD North’s website.

It is significant to mention that the gummies contain peanuts, coconuts, soy, wheat, and dairy, so make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of these ingredients before consuming Sour Berry Gummies. If you are just starting using CBD gummies, it is recommended to check the dosing chart and start with a lower dosage before increasing.

Benefits of Using CBD North

The main benefit of using CBD North is that all of the brand’s products are made from natural ingredients, and they are third-party tested for quality, purity and potency. The hemp used for producing each product is organically grown, and the MCT carrier oil is also organic. The goods contain plant-based extracts to provide you with the effects you need, and all goods meet quality standards.

Whether you need an oil for relaxation, soothing pain, improving sleep quality and reducing stress, or you need refreshing body balm for nourishing your skin, the brand offers products for everyone’s needs in one place.

You can get CBD isolate and full-spectrum oil and even purchase a CBD oil for your pet to soothe pain and improve their sleep and health. You can also find tasty treats with amazing textures, which are easy to digest and provide therapeutic and healing effects.

Additional benefits

The brand’s transparency is unmatched, and its products are top-rated on the market. CBD North also provides discounts for people with financial hardships, health problems, disabilities and career-oriented people dedicated to helping others.

By purchasing from CBD North, you get organic and natural CBD products for an affordable price, easily accessible to buy from the comfort of your own home. The brand’s website is very informative. On it, you can find lab reports on each product, details about the products they sell, information on discounts, affiliate and wholesale programs, as well as educational articles on using CBD and other similar topics.

Who Can Use CBD North’s Products and Side-Effects

Given all of these points, in this CBD North review we can say that there aren’t many side-effects from using this brand’s products. That being said, if you don’t get approved for the assistance program, the products might be costly for some customers (even though, when it comes to health, spending more money is better than getting low-quality products).

Shipping is fast but is only free when you make an order that costs more than $99. If you are using medications, are diagnosed with a condition, or are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, you should consult a healthcare professional before using any of CBD North’s goods. Also, to make a purchase for any of the brand’s goods, you need to meet the age requirement and be at least 19 years old.

The brand also provides oils that are made to be safe to use for animals and which can support their health.

Additional details

If not used in the proper dosage, some users might experience side-effects, and some users also can be allergic to some of the ingredients included in the products. Before purchasing, you also need to live in a state where CBD products are legal to avoid getting in trouble with the law. Also, you can only view or purchase the products online.

All of the products are made for medicinal purposes only, and they are not evaluated by Health Canada. The brand doesn’t promise that their CBD products will treat or cure disease or condition, but they can provide many potential health benefits, improve your wellness and support your treatment.

Dosage and Tips To Start Using CBD North’s Products

Equally important to mention in this CBD North review is how to properly dose when you are using the brand’s products. In terms of dosing all CBD products, there is no universal amount that works for everyone, and the effects might be different from person to person. For that reason, CBD North provides a dosing guide that can be very helpful in determining the proper dosage, especially if you are a beginner.

The brand recommends starting with half a dropper of the oil, maintaining the dosage for 2-3 days up to a week, and seeing how you feel. The correct amount of a product depends on the person’s age, weight, metabolism and body tolerance.

Generally, CBD in a higher dosage is used for relaxation sensations and alleviating pain. At the same time, lower doses can boost your energy, improve your mood and focus while relieving anxiety and stress.

Tips of usage

If you aren’t sure about your dosage, you can start with a lower potency and lower dosage (for instance, half a dropper oil or half a gummy), and increase gradually according to your body tolerance. For some users, the effects start immediately, while for others, it may take 1-2 weeks of usage.

In that case, you can begin to increase the dosage by a bit or use the product 2-3 times a day, but be very mindful of how you feel.

Additional details

If you are still unsure, you can follow a dosage chart such as the one that CBD North provides, or contact a healthcare professional to determine what is safe for you, and whether you can use such products when on medications (if any). Usually, the dosage is defined by your body weight and the severity of the condition.

CBD North’s products are also easy to use, as you can use the oil by mixing it with food and drink sublingually by placing it under your tongue and waiting for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. The body cream is applied directly to the skin, while the gummies are consumed just like a regular candy we all like and enjoy.

Where to Purchase CBD North’s Products

We can’t conclude our CBD North review without mentioning where you can find it’s fantastic products. All of CBD North’s natural and highly-effective products are available on the brand’s official website. The site is user-friendly and simple to understand, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

You can check ingredients, price, and lab reports from the comfort of your own home and decide which product to go for. The pricing rates are reasonable, and the brand also provides special offers for their new and loyal customers and fantastic customer policies.

CBD North customer policies and guarantees

As we have previously mentioned in this CBD North review the brand has a CBD assistance program that gives the customers that are approved a 45% discount on their orders. Furthermore, CBD North offers free shipping on all orders that cost more than $99, while for an order that costs less, the shipping rate is $15.

The brand understands that customers don’t want to wait for weeks to receive the products, so the delivery takes between 2-5 days. Canadian customers place an order with E-Transfer, and they can also track their order.

The refund policy depends from case to case, but if the product is missing or damaged, the company replaces the goods. You can also get the advantage of special discounts using suitable promo codes.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, we are very impressed with this brand. CBD North provides products made using only natural ingredients and made from organically grown Canadian hemp. All of the products are also tested for potency, purity, quality and safety, which is very significant for such a brand. They have both isolate and full-spectrum oil, oil for pets, CBD pain cream as well as CBD gummies from a reliable brand.

It is also the only CBD Canadian brand with an assistance program, which offers top-quality and highly-rated products for reasonable pricing. According to many reviews from customers, this brand’s products are of great quality and effectiveness.

Now that you are even more familiar with what this brand offers, we hope you will check it out. Share your experience of using some of the best CBD products on the market with other customers, and with us!

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