CBD for Pets: What Do the Pros Say About Using CBD for Dogs and Cats?

Did you know that a dog’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint? Or that the position of a cat’s whiskers can help you know how your cat is feeling? Feel free to fact-check both of these statements, but one fact that remains undisputed is that life is better with a pet. Dogs remain the number one household pet, while cats come in at a close second. While there are other pets that might live in your household (fish, hamsters, snakes, etc.), dogs and cats are certainly the most entertaining. They’re also the ones that need the most attention. If your dog is constantly licking his paws or your cat seems to prowl incessantly, chances are that your pet is stressed. Pet stress manifests itself in a number of ways and may even have been shrugged off as, “That’s just how my pet is.”

Thanks to modern science, there is now a way to help soothe your stressed pet in a natural way: CBD. But don’t just toss your beloved pet a handful of hemp leaves or some old CBD products you have lying around (seriously, don’t do this). There are several brands in the industry who have crafted a variety of hemp-infused products that are safe for dogs and cats alike to consume. The creators of pet CBD brands draw from years of experience and a pure love for animals, and are dedicated to improving your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. What is a normal dose for a human could be too much for a pet that is a fraction of their size. Even if you don’t use CBD yourself, you may be surprised to see the calming effects this incredible cannabinoid has on your beloved pet. In this article, we’ll go over a handful of pet CBD brands we’ve tried and can honestly recommend, as well as suggested doses and differences between the endocannabinoid (ECS) system in both humans and pets. Let’s begin!

The Top Five Pet CBD Brands

When it comes to choosing a brand for pet CBD, you should be just as diligent in your selection as if it were for yourself. CBD is not regulated by the FDA, meaning that anyone can create a CBD brand and market it as wholesome and effective. The following four brands have been vetted (no pun intended!) for potency and purity, are backed by third-party independent lab testing, and have been verified by pet owners across the country. Some brands you may be familiar with as CBD powerhouse brands while others may be new to you. Keep reading to see why the following four pet CBD brands made the cut in our quest for the ultimate treat for both dogs and cats!


Best known for their popular CBDPure brand, the hemp experts from Nutra Pure haven’t forgotten about the four-legged clientele either. Boasting extraction of the same Washington-born hemp plants used for their full-spectrum consumer oils, the CBDPet line uses high potency CBD-rich oil that is minimally processed, but reduces the total THC levels even further below the FDA limit of 0.3% to ensure a positive experience for your animal. The C02 extraction process is critical to ensuring the complete absence of any harsh solvents that may have a negative effect on your pet. The minimally processed oil contains all the other minor cannabinoids and terpenes that enhance the effects of the CBD, and the convenient dropper allows for precise dosing, either on your pet’s food or even direct in their mouth (dogs in particular don’t seem to mind the taste when given directly). Each bottle of CBDPet contains 100 total milligrams of CBD and is backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Fomo Bones

Does your dog seem anxious when you leave the room? Or does your dog whine incessantly when you sit down at the dinner table and beg for scraps? Chances are, your furry friend is worried about missing out on whatever their hooman is doing and wants to be involved. Fomo Bones was designed to help relax your dog with a dog-shaped soft chew that is both tasty and effective. This award-winning brand also has a pet tincture that is rotisserie chicken flavored, a delicious additive that can be drizzled atop your pet’s food as a tasty treat. The brand uses all-natural ingredients sourced from within the United States and staunchly refuses to add any fillers to their products. Fomo provides dosing instructions on each product’s packaging that can help new users understand exactly how much to give their pet.

Charlotte’s Web

It’s been said that variety is the spice of life, a saying that Charlotte’s Web fully embraces when it comes to their pet CBD options. Their variety of soft chews can help with hip and joint health, senior dog health, skin health and allergy relief, and calming chews that specifically target your pet’s stress. The chews are crafted with full-spectrum hemp, hemp extract, and topical balm. These tasty treats are flavored with chicken oil to service even the pickiest of palates. The soft chews contain 150mg of CBD per bag and are affordably priced for both 30 and 60 count options. If you’d prefer to drizzle CBD onto your pet’s wet or dry food, Charlotte’s Web also offers a chicken flavored or unflavored pet CBD oil in a 30mL or 100mL bottle. The dosage recommendations for all Charlotte’s Web’s pet CBD products are stamped on the product packaging according to weight, making it easy to see exactly how much to give your pet


Medterra is already well-known for their fantastic human-grade CBD, but also have a fantastic trio of pet CBD options. Their CBD oil is crafted with CBD isolate and organic MCT oil, is available in beef, chicken or unflavored options, and comes in three strengths. Their pet chews come in bacon or peanut-butter flavors and contain 10mg of CBD per chew. All three options are affordably priced and have well over 100 reviews per product. While most pet CBD products are usually tailored for dogs, Medterra earnestly recommends their products for both dogs and cats. Medterra does not offer a specific dosage recommendation, but the dosage is low enough that you can tailor for your pet’s specific needs.

Mile High Cure

The Mile High Cure is renowned for their incredibly vast variety of CBD products that range from skincare and edibles to vape and even sex products! In an effort to cover every corner of the market, Mile High Cure also offers a luxurious pet CBD that can be enjoyed by both cats and dogs. Their pet CBD contains a rich blend of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids and 100% full spectrum CBD oil. While many pet CBD brands offer the treats in a one-size-fits-all variety, Mile High Cure decided to be a bit more creative by offering the pet CBD in different sized pieces. The pieces can be offered to your pet depending on the size and weight of your dog or cat, or depending on how rowdy said pet is acting. Dosing instructions are directly listed on the product packaging to aid with first-time users. Keep in mind that while the entire jar contains 250mg of CBD, the amount of CBD will vary with each piece.

Do Vets Recommend CBD for Pets?

By now you’re probably excited by all the enticing treats and the possibility of enriching your pet’s mental health. But like any good pet owner, you’re worried about whether or not your vet recommends CBD. After all, vets study pet medicine and are the most knowledgeable about pet health. The short answer is that vets are undecided on a unanimous answer. Some vets won’t even answer the question as there is still much to be learned about the long term effects of CBD on your pet, or prefer to leave the ambiguous nature of CBD up to the pet owner in order to avoid legal liability. Yet many vets wholeheartedly support pet CBD as long as it is purchased from a veritable source. These vets have either seen a positive reaction from their patients or currently use CBD for their own pet.

The nature of CBD is heavily anecdotal and relies on the results of various pet owners. Some pet owners report seeing an improvement in joint pain from arthritis and old age, while others praise pet CBD for relaxing their pet in different situations. CBD is not intended to make your pet heavily sedated or constantly sleepy, but rather to reduce common anxious pet symptoms. If your pet is constantly whining or barking, has a prolonged period of paw-licking, or is overly excited or aggressive around new people/pets, pet CBD might help calm your furry friend and help with overall pet ownership.

Due to the ever evolving nature of CBD, you should always inform your vet if you intend to or are already giving your dog or cat pet CBD. You should also note that pet CBD is generally intended for use only with cats and dogs, and some pet CBD is specifically tailored for cats or dogs.

Dosage Recommendations by Weight and Breed

Just because you take a specific dose of CBD does not mean you should give your pet that same amount. In fact, dogs are much more susceptible to CBD and thus require lower amounts. Most brands will list the recommended dosage amounts for your pet based on weight. You should strictly adhere to these recommendations, as the brand has already conducted tests and studies to ensure the proper dosage for your pet according to their size and weight.

When starting your pet on a new CBD regimen, remember that less is more. Start off with a small dose and see how your pet reacts. You can always adjust the dose over time, but be sure to allot at least 4-6 weeks before increasing the amount. Try to be consistent with the time of dosage as well. If you feed your pet on a consistent schedule, make sure that the CBD dosages are consistent as well.

Like many pharmaceutical drugs on the market, CBD must be metabolized by the liver. You should consult the professional opinion of your vet before giving your dog or cat any pet CBD, especially if your pet is already on medication.

Differences in Endocannabinoid Systems for Pets and Humans

Did you know that, just like humans, all pets have an endocannabinoid system? Commonly abbreviated as ECS, this remarkable system helps maintain homeostasis and aids in the repair and recovery of your pet’s bodily functions. Both the human and pet endocannabinoid systems are responsible for regulating cognition, sleep and eating cycles, and most importantly, relaxation. Full spectrum CBD options are the most beneficial when it comes to pet CBD, as the plethora of naturally occurring cannabinoids can help support healthy brain and body functions. There are several other natural ingredients found in pet CBD that can help boost your pet’s moods and bodily functions, including chamomile, valerian root, passion flower extract, glucosamin, turmeric, vitamin E, Elderberry Powder, and so much more. As with all consumables, be sure to do your research on the ingredients and purported effects of the products before feeding them to your pet. If you’re curious to see how other customers’ experiences were, you can always check out the reviews of the product on the company website or on review sites.


Hopefully you’ve learned a lot about the benefits of pet CBD, which brands to buy, and how much pet CBD to give your pet. While the overall opinion amongst veterinarians is quite varied, you should always consult your vet before giving your furry friend a pet CBD for the first time. You should always follow the recommended dosage amounts listed on the product packaging, and be consistent with both the times and amounts the pet CBD is given. Lastly, you should always do your research before purchasing any pet CBD for the first time. Confirm that the ingredients are high-quality, that the pet CBD has been lab tested, and read customer reviews whenever available. Owning a pet is a rewarding experience and your pet is often considered a member of your family. Whatever brand or product of pet CBD you choose, you can be proud that you’re helping to improve both the mental and physical wellness of your beloved pet.


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