Brown Fat (Brown Adipose Tissue) Fat Burner Supplements – Real Benefits?

What is Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) or Brown Fat?

Brown fat is a particular type of adipose tissue that can be found in adult humans. It has been identified as white and brown, giving it the common name for this color variety – “brite”. Brown adipose tissue accumulates at critical locations on muscle surfaces where they help generate body heat via thermal conductivity. This heat-retaining ability may surprise you, unlike its more traditional lookalike white fats (also known as stash), which are stored throughout our bodies’ core regions around internal organs like the liver or muscles.

Where is Brown Fat Found?

Brown fat is located in the neck of adults. It can also be found in areas above the collarbone, but this occurs less frequently.

Brown fat is most prevalent during childhood, and it decreases with age. People who are overweight have smaller amounts of brown fat than people who are not overweight. Brown fat may play a key role in keeping lean people lean by burning excess energy to generate heat, whereas it may put weight on obese or thick individuals by allowing extra calories to go unused.

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) was once thought to only exist in babies because it had never been isolated from an adult human source until 2009. Since its discovery, BAT has gained more attention due to its apparent effects on obesity.

The function of Brown Fat

Brown adipose tissues can be identified by their densely packed mitochondria, which contain iron. These mitochondria allow the tissue to produce heat through a process called “non-shivering thermogenesis.” The presence of this type of fat has been closely linked to leanness in humans. Research shows that cold temperatures can increase glucose uptake in brown adipose tissue, increasing metabolic rate and producing heat.

Brite fat is found in most mammals with fur, including human infants, until they are a few months old. Although it only makes up a small percentage of our overall body weight, this form of fat can be highly concentrated in certain areas throughout the body where it provides the primary source of warmth. When stimulated by cold outside air, humans’ brown fat has been shown to accumulate near primary artery walls. This could potentially cause blockages if allowed to build up over time.

Relationship between the Brown Adipose Tissue and Fat Loss

Some studies show that brown adipose tissue (BAT) has calorie-burning characteristics and can support weight loss. When you tap into the fat-burning power of BAT, it helps to burn more calories at rest than usual. This causes an increase in resting metabolism; as a result, your body burns off those extra pounds faster due to its ability for sustained reduced intake of food intake with no need whatsoever from external energy sources like exercise or sunlight exposure.

Some researchers believe there could be some truth behind people’s intuition when they say their stomach feels warmer after drinking alcohol: It might not just because we’re hot under all these clothes – but rather our bodies produce additional heat through two different types “white” and “brown” fats!

Brown Fat Facts:

1- Location:

Brown adipose tissues store energy in the form of fat and produce heat. The brown color is due to a higher concentration of iron than white, allowing it to be more active during meals – when we need our bodies at their leanest!

The presence or absence (or both) can make all difference: research shows cold temperatures increase glucose uptake into Brown Adipocyte cells; this increased metabolism produces even more body heat through “non-shivering thermogenesis.”

2- Longevity:

Brown fat cells live approximately five times longer than other cell types. This means they have more time to accumulate damage from oxidative stress and other processes associated with aging. It is still unclear whether or not these cells age at different rates compared to similarly aged white fat cells (fat cells that create energy reserves).

3- Mitochondria:

In mitochondria, brown fat cells can produce the heat that burns calories and keeps us warm.

4- Insulin Resistance

Brown Fat Cells can protect against obesity and type II diabetes. The insulin (which regulates blood sugar levels) is less effective in stimulating glucose uptake into brown adipose cells than white adipose cells. This means that brown fat may be more sensitive to cold temperatures, increasing glucose uptake and decreasing insulin resistance.

5- Health Risks

A new study on mice shows another form of brown fat – brite adipose tissue, which can create new risks for health problems such as diabetes and atherosclerosis. Brown fat cells are more responsive than white adipose tissue in terms of glucose uptake. This means that when you’re cold, your brown fat cells will help burn off some calories and lower insulin resistance by pulling energy from foods via thermogenesis!

6- Cold tolerance

While the exact mechanism is not well understood, it appears that people with higher levels of brown fat can tolerate colder temperatures more quickly than those who lack this type of fat. This may explain why some people feel extremely uncomfortable when they step out into the winter weather — they’re suffering from major “cold-phobia!”

7- Brown fat vs white fat

White adipose tissue, the more common form of body fat, is located under the skin and used to store energy. In contrast, brown adipose tissue is found between organs and tissues where it can dissipate energy through heat. This means that brown fat may be more sensitive to cold temperatures, increasing glucose uptake and decreasing insulin resistance. Because it burns calories instead of storing them as in normal white cells, brown fats are considered a “good” type of body fat.

8- Exercise

Moderate exercise has been shown to increase active brown adipose tissue levels in humans by up to 50 per cent. Unfortunately, researchers believe that these stores begin to disappear in childhood, making it harder for older adults to keep warm.

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