Best THC-O Distillate Brands – Top THCO Acetate Distillate Products Online [Reviewed]

Looking for a cannabinoid that’s stronger than both Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC? Well, you’re in luck… THC-O Distillate is considered by experts to be 2-3 times more potent than both Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC.

Think about that for just a second… We know that Delta 9 is stronger than Delta 8, but knowing that there’s another cannabinoid out there that’s even more powerful than Delta 9 THC is pretty wild!

What’s more, tons of THC advocates have made THC-O their cannabinoid of choice. While they love the potency, it’s the psychedelic effects of THC-O that’s converted so many users to want to give it a try.

But not all THC-O is created the same. You see, creating THC-O requires a very unique process. There are certain chemicals and methods needed to generate high quality THC-O. More importantly, there’s a lot of testing and removal of those chemicals when it comes to formulating the final product. And if those chemicals are not removed, the final THC-O product could be very toxic.

So, as much as we love the idea of having a super powerful THC-dominant cannabinoid on the market, we don’t love the idea of certain brands cutting corners and creating questionable THC-O products.

That is why it’s imperative that you only buy high quality THC-O distillate from reputable brands. But how do you know what to look for in a THC-O Distillate brand?

We’re so glad you asked.


Best Delta 8 Distillate

Finding the safest, most effective, and best THC-O distillates on the market can be challenging. But we’ve taken it upon ourselves and have done all of the research, vetting, and investigating for you. We did this for you, and for us… Hey, we want some of that psychedelic euphoria too.

Below is a list of the most reputable, trustworthy, and best THC-O distillate brands in the entire industry. We invite you to give them a look, and then explore some of the most common THC-O questions below.

  1. Vivimu – Editor’s pick, best THC-O distillate
  2. 3Chi – Strongest THC-O distillate
  3. Great CBD Shop – Best value THC-O distillate

1. Vivimu – Editor’s pick, best THC-O distillate

Brand Background

At Vivimu, you’re sure to find some of the most effective, premium, and unique assortment of cannabinoid-based products. All of which have been thoroughly tested by an accredited third-party laboratory. This ensures their products are free from harmful toxins and other contaminants that may wreak havoc on the human body.

Now, what makes Vivimu even more amazing and highly reputable is that they promote other trustworthy brands on their website.

This isn’t something you see from a lot of hemp brands. Usually, hemp brands will only offer their own products. But Vivimu believes in sharing the spotlight, because they want people across the U.S. to experience all that the cannabis plant has to offer.

This allows them to offer more than just Delta 8 products; it actually opens the door for them to provide more obscure, rare, and highly sought-after cannabinoids, like THC-O.

This brings us to Vivimu’s partnership with MC Nutraceuticals.

THC-O Product Highlight

This unique partnership has provided perhaps the best bulk THC-O distillate on the market today. It contains both Delta 8 THC-O and Delta 9 THC-O Acetate which is fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

With over 100 positive reviews, this bulk THC-O distillate is praised for its versatility. Since it comes in an oil form, it can be used for dabbing, or it can be used to create homemade edibles, cartridges, etc.

One customer reported, “Vivimu has been my go-to since its creation. I haven’t found quality products as pure or potent elsewhere. This THCO-A is no different. Very smooth to vape with little to no smell, mixes well and can be used to dilute thicker distillate. The effects were on point. Thank you Vivimu…”

The best part about this THC-O distillate is that it comes in bulk, from as low as 7 grams to as high as 1,000 grams. But keep in mind that THC-O distillate is very potent, so remember to start slow and with a low dose.

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2. 3Chi – Strongest THC-O distillate

Brand Background

With nearly two decades of formulation experience and cannabinoid research, 3Chi is known as the leading hemp-derived THC brand in the entire industry. They adhere to extremely strict standards when it comes to their cultivation and formulation methods.

Not only do they use organically grown hemp, but they utilize clean extraction methods, quality ingredients, and rigorous third party testing. Which proves that their THC-dominant products are compliant with the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018.

They also believe in educating their customers, which is why when you visit their website, you’ll find educational blog posts and scientific resources regarding how they extract and create rare cannabinoid-based products like Delta 8 THC and THC-O.

This is great news if you live in a state that deems THC-O recreationally legal. But no matter what, all of 3Chi’s THC-dominant products are federally legal.

THC-O Product Highlight

Now, 3Chi is known for their amazing Delta 8 products. But ever since they started offering THC-O, people have been singing their praises even louder. This is because 3Chi actually creates the strongest THC-O distillate on the market.

For this reason, they can also afford to sell it at a pretty high price — which may come off as highway robbery or greed. But given the fact that most THC-O brands on the market have no idea how to create high quality THC-O or the testing needed to ensure its purity and safety, you do get what you pay for.

The truth is… Their THC-O distillate tests at 93%, which is unheard of in this industry. That’s because 3Chi has the organic chemistry knowledge and experience to create such pure products.

That said, this distilled THC-O Acetate is very versatile. You can vape it, dab it, create homemade edibles, etc.

If you do decide to vape or dab this THC-O distillate, be warned that it can take as little as 10 minutes to kick in. So, use a lot of caution.

In fact, 3Chi suggests that you should only take one puff and wait 30 minutes to an hour before you take another puff. This will help you assess your tolerance level.

One consumer reported: “Very nice. As someone with a tolerance, this stuff gives me a really nice and euphoric body feeling, as well as enhanced sounds/visuals. I do not usually get either with the other forms of THC that I’ve tried.”

Don’t let the price scare you… Seriously, if you want to enter into a whole new dimension of euphoria, we highly recommend 3Chi’s THCO distillate.

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3. Great CBD Shop – Best value THC-O distillate

Brand Background

Most people know the Great CBD Shop as a one-stop-shop for all their cannabinoid-based needs. While that is true, Great CBD Shop is so much more than that.

In 2019 they became one of the most trusted online shops for all things cannabinoids. They not only provide total transparency, but they offer all of their products at exceptional affordable prices.

Their goal is to enrich customers’ lives through their own products as well as other trustworthy brands. They adhere to the guidelines and requirements of the Farm Bill Act of 2018, and they believe that cannabinoids are the perfect alternative approach to holistic healing and relief.

What’s more, Great CBD Shop is all about customer service. They focus on secure payment options, fast shipping, and supporting their customers and prospects by answering all of their questions and concerns.

THC-O Product Highlight

Made with the best compounds and highest quality methods, the Great CBD Shop offers the most affordable THC-O distillate on the market. It’s only $59.99 for 1 ounce. Crazy!

Now, 1 ounce of Distilled THC-O acetate is also considered a bulk purchase, as this amount can last for a long time.

It’s also considered highly potent and very pure, so it’s best to use caution when consuming this THC-O. You may have to wait 60 minutes to experience the full effect of THC-O when you vape or dab it, but when you do feel the effects, it’s not unheard of to feel a “spiritual sensation that isn’t found with any cannabinoid.”

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What is THC-O Acetate?

THC-O Acetate is considered a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. While some people suggest that THC-O is not a naturally occurring cannabinoid, others believe that because it requires Delta 9 or Delta 8 THC conversion, it should be known as semi-synthetic.

Now, THC-O is a variant of Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC. But in order for it to be federally legal, it has to be created from hemp-derived Delta 8 THC.

In order for this conversion to happen, producers need a couple of chemicals: Sulfuric acid and Acetic anhydride. Both chemicals can be harmful, but Acetic anhydride is considered to be highly flammable. So, it’s not exactly a good thing for the human body to consume.

For this reason, it’s imperative that proper testing from the manufacturer and an accredited third party laboratory be done to ensure that any residual chemicals are fully removed from the final product.

Proper testing requires a lot of money, and not many hemp brands can afford to offer high quality THC-O. That’s why looking for high quality THC-O can be frustrating and difficult. But thankfully there are a few reputable THC-O brands, like the ones mentioned above, that have invested time and money into thorough testing.

While some of their THC-O products might be higher priced, they are safer, more effective, and free of those highly toxic chemicals.


We know, having a list of the best THC-O distillate brands is amazing and sure makes life a lot easier when you’re looking to find high quality THC-O products. But you probably still have a few unanswered questions.

Not to worry, we’ve listed out a few of the most common questions and answers below. We encourage you to give them a quick read before you make your final decision on which THC-O brand you want to go with.

Go on, it won’t take long at all…

What’s the best THC-O according to Reddit?

Currently, 3Chi is the most mentioned brand for THC-O products on the Reddit forum. However, Vivimu has been gaining a lot of popularity on the THC-O Reddit group, especially for their distillates and concentrates.

What is the strongest THC-O?

Testing at 93%, 3Chi offers the strongest THC-O on the market today. So, it’s best to use caution when consuming their THC-O products.

Can you put THC-O distillate in a cart?

Yes! Surprisingly, it’s much easier to create THC-O carts than Delta 8 carts. This is because THC-O distillates offer a more liquid consistency. That said, it’s still best to use about 5% terpenes and 95% THC-O to create your THC-O carts. Keep in mind that it may be hard to find 95% THC-O, but 3Chi does offer 93% THC-O distillate.

Can I buy THC-O wholesale?

Yes. In fact, Vivimu offers the best bulk THC-O distillate on the market. You can buy large amounts of THC-O wholesale right from their site.

Can I buy THC-O near me?

Yes, but it depends. THC-O products are making their way into smoke shops and gas stations, but we recommend that you only buy THC-O from online reputable THC-O brands like the ones we’ve listed above.

What’s the easiest product to make with THC-O distillate?

Tinctures also known as drops. Just like you can make Delta 8 drops with Delta 8 distillate mixed with MCT oil, you can do the same thing with THC-O distillate.


Whether you’re considering giving THC-O a try, or you just want some other options on where to find high quality THC-O, our list of the best THC-O distillate brands stands out among a sea of shady THC-O brands.

Because THC-O requires specific conversion methods and chemicals, it’s important that you stick to reputable brands that know what they are doing. No amount of high is worth causing harm to your body. So, revisit our list above to ensure you consume only the best THC-O products on the market.

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