SpanishVIP Reviews – Fun Online Spanish Group Classes?

Technology makes it possible to learn a new language virtually. SpanishVIP is a 100% online tutoring service that connects learners across the globe with professional Spanish instructors. It is ideal for learners with a hectic lifestyle or those with zero physical access to trained Spanish teachers. Is SpanishVIP worth the hype? How can you sign up for the classes?

What is SpanishVIP?

SpanishVIP is a virtual educational platform that connects teachers and students across the globe for Spanish lessons. The Spanish classes use virtual platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype. Learners can subscribe to private or group lessons. The SpanishVIP platform offers “unlimited lessons,” thus perfect for students that want to take several modules a week. In addition, you can choose classes that fit your schedule regardless of the time differences.

SpanishVIP provides high-quality instructional materials, and all the teachers are trained. In addition, there are lessons for all learners, including beginners. SpanishVIP allows students to customize their learning goals and the teachers create individualized study plans depending on the learner’s needs and goals.

How Does SpanishVIP Work?

The SpanishVIP website is easy to navigate and has simple features. You can opt for private tutoring (1:1), group classes, and lessons for younger kids above five. The tutors are friendly, fun professionals who are native Spanish speakers. SpanishVIP has different packages for groups or private individuals.

SpanishVIP – Getting Started

It is easy to sign up for the SpanishVIP classes. Their website is well organized, precise, and easy to use. After you visit the official SpanishVIP webpage, click on the “Try a free class” icon, and you will be transferred to the sign-up page.

SpanishVIP offers lessons to all levels of learners. The online tutoring service pairs learners with instructors that fit their fluency levels. SpanishVIP requires learners to fill out simple details, including their email address, name, and current Spanish level.

SpanishVIP also customizes the lessons according to time availability. According to the website, they have over 35 tutors, and it is possible to take classes according to your availability. SpanishVIP courses are available Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day.

The first SpanishVIP lesson is an actual class instead of an impersonal tutorial. After signing up for the classes and confirming your availability, the tutor sends details for the first lesson, including what you should expect. The tutor customizes the lesson plan according to your needs and goals. You can opt to have the lessons via Zoom or Skype.

SpanishVIP Lessons and Study Materials

SpanishVIP provides the teachers with lesson materials. However, teachers have the freedom to customize and make their additional materials. Some people request homework, while others opt to get the lessons without any assignments. The tutor sends some lesson resources before the first lesson. SpanishVIP provides a lesson outline and information on what you will study to perfect the skill you want.

SpanishVIP Features and Benefits

You can sign up for numerous modules per month. Some of the SpanishVIP features and benefits include:

  • SpanishVIP boasts of offering high-quality lessons.
  • Lessons are virtual, and you can take them from anywhere globally.
  • It gives subscription options for individual or group classes.
  • The SpanishVIP classes are customizable, and the tutors tailor lessons according to your fluency.
  • You can opt for private lessons, particularly if you want to polish your Spanish conversations.
  • SpanishVIP offers free trials to ensure you get value for your money.
  • All the teachers on SpanishVIP are professional, fun, and lively
  • You can get a personalized SpanishVIP certificate after completing the lessons.
  • The online tutoring service offers multiple Spanish learning resources at zero rates. It includes study materials, lesson plans, and quizzes.

SpanishVIP Subscription Plans

SpanishVIP offers three subscription plans, including the

  1. Starter Plan – $79 per month
  2. Conversational Plan – $199 3-month subscription)
  3. Fluent – $299 (6-month subscription)

All the above plans include:

  • Access to unlimited class
  • Access to professional Spanish teachers
  • The option to cancel at any time
  • One-on-one student success call
  • Classes for all levels
  • Satisfaction guarantee


Q: Are the SpanishVIP lessons unlimited?

A: All the SpanishVIP group classes are unlimited. The service provider does not charge extra fees for the additional courses. Still, the company maintains quality by limiting the number of attendees to ten.

Q: Are SpanishVIP Classes ideal for beginners?

A: SpanishVIP provides lessons to all levels of students, including beginners.

Q: Are there SpanishVIP lessons for children?

A: Spanish VIP offers lessons for everybody, including children above the age of 13. The tutors tailor lessons according to the age of learners and fluency levels.

Q: How can I contact customer service?

A: You can email customer service at support@spanishvip.com for any issues or questions.


SpanishVIP is a virtual tutoring program dedicated to giving Spanish lessons to students across the globe. SpanishVIP has professional tutors and provides a wide range of instructional materials. Unlike similar platforms, the students can personalize their classes according to fluency levels and subscription plans. Visit the website to sign up for SpanishVIP today!