Mindfulness Valley Chakra Blockage Test Review – Activate Blocked Chakras Analysis?

Chakra refers to energy points throughout the body that help the organs and mind. Although it hasn’t been studied scientifically, believers of the Chakra System insist that there are seven main energy centers. These centers must remain open for healthy energy flow. The better the flow, the more precise the harmony between our physical body, mental stance, and spirit are.

This leaves us with one question: what if a chakra is blocked? The Vedas believe blockages could give rise to health conditions, ranging from arthritis and constipation to bladder or colon issues. Mentally speaking, the mind will be swamped with thoughts about financial distress and questioning whether basic needs can be fulfilled. This brings us to the first step to healing: Mindfulness Valley’s free Chakra Blockage Test.

What is the Mindfulness Valley Chakra Blockage Test?

The Mindfulness Valley Chakra Blockage Test comprises seven questions that help to identify blocked or weakest chakras on an individualistic basis. Questions surround one’s finances, desirable characteristics, balance and control over life, love, the ability to express emotions, intuition versus the notion of “higher power,” and establishing a spiritual connection. Once the Chakra Blockage Test has been completed, Chakra Meditation Instructor Lorraine Jackson will guide individuals through the results, namely which one of the six Chakras is the weakest link. What do the unblocking steps entail? This is where it is fitting to introduce The Chakra Awakening System.

What is the Chakra Awakening System?

The Chakra Awakening System entails a series of planetary sound frequencies. These frequencies are said to comprise synchronized vibrations, i.e., “the heart of both human consciousness and physical reality.” History suggests that sound frequencies might alleviate certain health conditions. However, this is allegedly the first ever use for properly functioning our energy centers. The argument in favor of frequencies has been disclosed as follows:

“All things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating […] Resonance is a type of motion characterized by oscillation between two states. An interesting phenomenon occurs when different vibrating things/processes come into proximity […]”

Put differently, when channeling a specific frequency to a vibration generated by the body, more beneficial frequencies are attracted, reducing the frequency of blockages. The following fundamental aspect of the Chakra Awakening System must be investigated: the revelations to be unleashed.

How Has The Chakra Awakening System Been Structured?

The Chakra Awakening System has been structured in the following stages:

The 7-Day Chakra Awakening Meditations

The 7-Day Chakra Awakening Meditations infuse planetary frequencies with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to unblock any of the seven chakras. Each audio lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and listening to them once or twice daily is believed to make all the difference.

The Chakra Awakening Encyclopedia

The Chakra Awakening Encyclopedia is a resource that elaborates on all seven energy centers. This source includes:

  • 20,000 valuable words of the most sacred knowledge
  • The weakest chakra on an individualistic basis
  • What it means to activate and keep all seven chakras in balance
  • Highly specialized training that manages energy flow
  • Ways to redeem the past while ensuring a bright future ahead
  • Special rituals and exercises for each of the seven chakras

Alongside the features above, Mindfulness Valley will also be offering the below-listed bonuses:

Bonus #1. 7-Day Chakra Awakening Meditations

If listening to someone doesn’t cut it, the sacred text version of the 7-Day Chakra Awakening is now offered as a bonus. This will help individuals internalize affirmations for a deeper connection with their spirit.

Bonus #2. Chakra Awakening Yoga

One way to create a balance between the various chakras is by partaking in yoga. However, not all movements and poses open energy centers. Inside Chakra Awakening Yoga, specific poses directly from a certified yoga expert at Mindfulness Valley have been laid out for optimal results.

Bonus #3. The Little Book of Auras

Lastly, we have The Little Book of Auras, which, as the name suggests, delves into human auras, the energy language, and other nitty-gritty interpretations essential for grasping the Chakra Awakening System.

How Much Does The Chakra Awakening System Cost?

Valued at $306, the Chakra Awakening System is now offered at a special 90% discount, making the final price only $14.95. In addition, each purchase has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If individuals neither feel renewed nor see improvements in any areas of their life, a request for a full purchase price refund must be sent to customer support at:

  • support@mindfulnessvalley.com.

Meet Lorraine Jackson & Mindfulness Valley

Earlier, we introduced Lorraine Jackson as a Chakra Meditation Instructor, but before that, she claims to have felt like an “unwanted child.” She always saw herself as “a product of a naïve teenager and a drunken tryst.” Her impoverished background supposedly led her to suffer in all areas of life.

When Lorraine got married at 19, she thought things would be better, but things fell apart. She was eventually diagnosed with a dangerous brain tumor just hours after being fired from her job. Luckily for her, a phone call with her best friend, Rita, was all it took for her life to brighten up. This was the point at which Lorraine familiarized herself with the Chakra System and discovered that her marital and health problems were due to a blockage in her Heart Chakra (also known as Anahata).

A renowned figure in the Chakra healing world, Madame Mikayla Minka opened Lorraine’s eyes to this system and all of her 7 Chakras. Just days after following her Chakra meditation system, Lorraine claims to have felt joyful, her relationship with her ex-husband and children improved, and her brain tumor completely vanished.

As for Mindfulness Valley, here’s what the entire team wants everyone to take away:

“We are a team of people who live and breathe meditation. Our mission is to deliver high-quality daily content and products to our beloved community. Join us on this journey of inner peace, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.”

The Chakra Awakening System Final Thoughts

What initially started as a simple quiz to see which chakra is blocked led us to the Chakra Awakening System. Through this system, individuals will appreciate the human body’s energy centers and specific vibrations and pose for consistent energy flow and blessings. Our editorial team was generally satisfied by the program’s structure because it doesn’t assume any energy-healing space expertise.

In particular, individuals will have access to a comprehensive database comprising every layer, starting from the Vedas down to the history of chakras. The overall strategy is logical, seeing how the goal shouldn’t merely focus on unblocking chakras. It should also involve acquiring knowledge on possible reasons why blockages may occur and how they can be prevented over time. For more information on the Chakra Awakening System, click here! >>>