Integrative Digestive Formula Review (Advanced BioNutritionals)

Are you struggling with digestive problems such as bloating, indigestion, gas, and constipation? If you have tried to use antacids and other drugs to treat your digestive issues to no avail, another option is to try a digestive supplement.

What is Integrative Digestive Formula?

Integrative Digestive Formula is a dietary supplement by Advanced Bionutritionals that aids digestion and helps to relieve digestive issues. It features ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic ingredients and provides a natural way to treat digestive problems and stomach discomfort. This formula also has several other health benefits, like aiding weight loss.

How Integrative Digestive Formula Works

Digestion entails a series of chemical reactions consisting of acids and enzymes that break down food in the digestive tract. These chemical reactions require optimal conditions to occur, including an ideal temperature. Besides acids and enzymes, the stomach also has beneficial bacteria that help to break down food.

Integrative Digestive Formula is formulated with natural herbs and spices that provide optimum conditions and temperatures for enzymes, bacteria, and acids to digest food. These ingredients have been used for generations in different cultures to treat digestive problems and work effectively.

This supplement replenishes absent and essential enzymes in the gut to support digestion and improves nutrient absorption. It also strengthens the gut’s immunity and eliminates toxins and harmful bacteria, thus boosting gut health.

Ingredients in Integrative Digestive Formula

  • Ginger root: Ginger has been a key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine for many years to combat indigestion and reduces nausea. Studies show ginger roots prevent the growth of harmful bacteria such as H.pylori. Ginger is also a potent anti-inflammatory and can help relieve bloating and gas.
  • Cassia Bark: Also referred to as Chinese cinnamon, Cassia bark is another common ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. This herb helps to treat diarrhea and prevent gas. It also improves kidney and spleen function and eases stomach cramps.
  • Black Pepper: Black pepper is a flavorful spice that boosts gut health by maintaining the ideal acid levels in the stomach and increasing the production of digestive enzymes. It also eliminates harmful bacteria that cause stomach problems.
  • Tangerine peel: These highly nutritious peels aid in the digestion of fatty foods and reduces phlegm and acid reflux. Tangerine peels also contain essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin C, B6, and beta carotene.
  • Lesser galangal root: This relative of ginger can help relieve bloating, slow digestion, gas, and constipation. It has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to improve digestion and reduce nausea. Galangal is also a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that has shown promise in fighting infection and relieving pain.
  • Pomegranate fruit; This fruit protects your gut against harmful microorganisms and toxins by strengthening your immunity. It also improves the functioning of the stomach, colon, and small intestines. In addition, it regulates the pancreas and intestinal movement and contains antioxidant properties.
  • Cardamom: This spice, commonly used in Indian cooking, helps to improve bile and gastric production and enhances the digestive system. It also improves kidney function and fights toxins and harmful bacteria.
  • Sacred Lotus: This ingredient has been shown to boost liver function and aid digestion. It also helps to push food down the digestive tract and enhances the absorption of nutrients. Lotus is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with antibacterial properties.

Benefits of Integrative Digestive Formula

  • This dietary supplement boosts your immunity. This formula contains ingredients such as pomegranate fruit that strengthen your immunity and protects your gut from harmful substances, bacteria, and toxins.
  • It cures digestive problems. Many people struggle with digestive issues due to low-quality food and bad eating habits. The Integrative Digestive Formula is highly effective in dealing with these issues, from diarrhea and bloating to gas and constipation. It is formulated with ingredients like ginger roots and cassia barks that have been used for centuries to treat digestive disorders.
  • This digestive supplement helps to cleanse and detox the gut. It features cardamom and black pepper, which effectively eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the stomach. This formula improves your gut health by cleansing and detoxing your digestive tract.
  • It is made with all-natural ingredients. Integrative Digestive Formula contains only natural ingredients from various organically grown plants. These ingredients, including lesser galangal root and Henon bamboo, have been used in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional medicine to treat digestion-related problems and are, therefore, safe for use.
  • This formula helps to curb sugar and carb cravings. It restores and maintains mineral balance hence reducing sugar cravings. If you are on a low-carb diet, this formula will help you stick to the diet plan by lowering your carb appetite.
  • It improves organ function. The Integrative Digestive Formula contains Pomegranate fruit, which helps your stomach, colon, and small intestines work correctly, and Cassia bark, which improves kidney and spleen function.
  • It improves your overall health. Besides boosting gut health, this formula also enhances your general well-being. Its ingredients, like tangerine peels, contain many vital minerals and vitamins with several health benefits.

Purchasing Integrative Digestive Formula

Integrative Digestive Formula is available on the official website. The prices are as follows:

  • One bottle: $39.95
  • Three bottles: $107.85 ($35.95 each)
  • Six bottles: $199.50 plus free shipping ($33.25 each)

A 90-day money-back guarantee backs Integrative Digestive Formula. For more information, contact customer service via:

Integrative Digestive Formula Conclusion

The Integrative Digestive Formula is a product of Advanced Bionutritionals, a company that manufactures highly effective, FDA Approved, and safe supplements. Their digestive formula offers a natural way to ease stomach discomforts like bloating and constipation and to treat problems like diarrhea. Visit the official website to order your supply of Integrative Digestive Formula today!