Features Every Sports Betting App Should Have

With sports betting growing in popularity and sportsbooks competing daily for bettors to join and remain loyal customers, more and more sports betting apps are popping up for you to take advantage of.

It’s great to have many options, but sometimes it can feel like choice-overload when trying to find the right platform. With today’s technological advancements, the sky really is the limit when it comes to the types of features that sportsbooks can offer you in their apps.

There are, however, a few fundamental things that all Canadian mobile apps for sportsbetting should have in place so that you can bet on your favourite sports with convenience and security in mind.


A great sports betting app needs to work on all mobile devices. They should support all types of operating systems and optimise them to fit all screen sizes.

Regardless of whether you’re betting through a native mobile app or a mobile browser web page, you should be able to do everything you could if you were betting from a PC.


There is no point in signing up to a sport betting app if you can’t access it from wherever you are. Therefore, it’s also important that you can access your sports betting app anywhere you have cell signal or internet access.


Nobody wants to place bets on a site that isn’t properly licensed because it may pose threats to your financial and personal information. Playing on an unlicensed site could set you up to lose money if the platform isn’t an honest business.

Betting through a licensed app makes wagering on sports more safe and secure. Respected betting organizations present the best sports betting sites and provide them with the correct licences for legally offering sports betting services.

Banking options

Lastly, the app should offer a variety of mobile-friendly banking options. Through the app, you should be able to easily process deposits and withdrawals.

Easy navigation

Any solid sports betting app should be easy to navigate. It should be a snap to find the sport you want to bet on and choose from all the available betting markets.

Do not compromise

If the sports betting app you’re looking into is missing any of these features, it’s probably best that you move on to a different one.

They may look flashy and cool but do you really want to risk not being able to place bets because the app lags or have your winnings go “missing” when it’s time to withdraw your funds?

Choosing an app that offers everything mentioned above will ensure that the only thing that could upset you when placing your sports bet is if you make the wrong prediction. Playing on the right app will only increase your sports betting enjoyment.

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