Students say ‘no to drugs’ for Red Ribbon Week

  • Tue Nov 13th, 2018 7:07am
  • Life

Photo and text by Scott D. Johnston

North Beach Jr./Sr. High School students recently participated in Red Ribbon Week, sponsored by Teens Against Destructive Decisions (TADD) and the Ocean Shores Elks Lodge. Students pledge to be drug-free and work to promote awareness of alternatives to drugs. TADD senior Taylor Eang explained that they want to show by example that “it’s okay for kids to be drug-free, and it’s okay to say no to things they aren’t comfortable with, all kinds of things they’re feeling pressure with, not just drugs.”

Students in picture, along with “Elroy the Elk,” are Jeannette Thomas, Callie Harnagy, Abby Conn, Ronan Bailey, Drew Cadle, Madison Haynes, Mykha Sydnes, Anna Eastman, Keith Hoeman, Jeri Herbrand, Ally Hoeman. Taylor Eang, Elroy (Mady Eang), Alexis Potter, Randi Wenger, Adian Niiranen, Jaylnn Griffin, Lucas Wollam, Asher Baggaley, Cadence Wildman, and Eain Brattain.