On the Beach: Fulfill your summer bucket list

  • Thu Aug 25th, 2016 9:22am
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On the Beach: Fulfill your summer bucket list

When you see the back-to-school sales in the stores, it’s a clear sign that it is the beginning of the end of summer.

Now some parents may get excited to see the new backpacks, rows of pencils and bright boxes of crayons on the store shelves. But for others, it’s a bittersweet reminder that the days are getting shorter and the time for making summer memories is limited as well.

Did you do all the things on your list? You know the summer list of things you were going to do. Build sandcastles in the afternoon sun, pick blackberries with the ripe juices staining your fingers. Did you float a river on an inner tube with a cooler full of treats? Or press wildflowers in the pages of a book? Have you made up a big batch of bubbles with the kids or covered the sidewalk with chalk hopscotch and tic-tac-toe games? You could try a new S’mores flavor; my favorite is using peanut butter cups instead of plain chocolate bars. It’s not too late!

There are so many things you can cross off you summer bucket list right here in Ocean Shores.

Have you flown a kite yet? Make sure you stop by Cloud Nine or Ocean Shores Kites and choose a colorful character to soar across the blue summer sky. Bumper boats? A great way to spend an hour on a sunny afternoon. Stop over at Pacific Paradise and prepare to get splashed.

Have you eaten fish and chips on the patio at Bennett’s Fish Shack or at Moby Dick’s?

Whales have been spotted off the jetty last week. Grab a blanket and bring your camera for a spectacular show.

Have you walked through the town while enjoying an ice cream cone? Why not try something new with a waffle cone from Murphy’s or a dipped sprinkle cone from Peppermint Parlor. Make your inner child happy and take a trip over to Buddy and Howie’s Candy Shop and buy a pound of candy. Remember the chewy Coca Cola bottles, Swedish fish and giant jawbreakers?

Here are some local activities to make your summer seem a little longer:

• Why not sign your daughter up for Girl Scouts and have her enjoy a year of adventures?

• Take a trip down to Dale’s Lavender Valley and bring home a few bouquets to keep your house filled with a summer scent just a bit longer.

• Blackberries are on their way out, so grab a bucket and pick some to bake a late summer pie. Freeze a few to save for smoothies and a reminder of the sunshine and summertime.

Whatever is left on your summer bucket list, make sure you get out there and make it happen, “On the Beach.”

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