In memory of Pearl, Woof-a-Thon’s icon

Beloved pet passes on

“Pearl,” the five-pound Pomeranian who was a symbol for the Ocean Shores Woof-a-Thon, has crossed the rainbow bridge. Wilma Spike, Pearl’s owner and founder of the annual event, said she passed away peacefully last month, perhaps of a stroke.

Pearl appeared on the Ocean Shores Woof-a-Thon logo, in all their ads and on the non-profit’s merchandise. The event has run for five years and has given over $55,000 to four animal related organizations in the North Coast area. The event will take place this year on Saturday, Aug. 12, at North Bay Park in Ocean Shores.

Spike said Pearl had “blue merle” markings and one blue eye, unusual for her breed. She was adopted from an animal rescue group near Spirit Lake, after enduring the kind of life one may have seen on TV news investigations.

“Pearl had been a puppy mill breeder all her life,” Spike explained. “Lived in a crate for her first eight years, was not socialized, potty trained, truly a blank slate, and very sad and scared.” But daily applications of TLC and plenty of patience brought forth the good dog Spike knew was deep inside.

“I am so grateful for those years, and the memories I have of her. She made me smile just looking at her. She was a great traveler, and went everywhere with me. She also became the mascot to other condo owners here at Dreamscape. She loved them all, and they loved her. For a five-pound dog, she left a huge paw print in this town and on all of us,” she said.

“Yes, I gave her the second life that she was living and loving, but she also gave so much to me. We had a totally wonderful six years together, and I am so very grateful for that and having her in my life. I will miss her forever. RIP – my little Pearl girl.”