Supports Dingler

I am proud to endorse the re-election of Mayor Crystal Dingler.

Through her hard work and diligent efforts, she has taken our community from massive debt to stabilized growth. Crystal performed multiple jobs during the lean years in order to get our financial house in order. She has managed to navigate the balance between encouraging tourism and the needs of our residents. She has been unwavering in her efforts to make Ocean Shores a great place to call home.

Crystal has tirelessly worked with state and local officials to obtain over $10 million in grants for our community. State officials, Representative Derek Kilmer, the local Firefighters Union and Teamsters Local 252 (police, public works and clerical workers) have all endorsed her. They have endorsed her because of her leadership qualities, hard work and the ability to network and build good working relationships with state and local officials, all of which are critical to our community.

Crystal has the fortitude to make the tough calls when they are needed and, in most cases, the council by their votes has agreed with her. I trust her judgment, honesty and sense of fair play.

I want to see our community continue to grow and prosper. That requires vision and experienced leadership, which is why I am endorsing and will be voting for Mayor Crystal Dingler.

Eleanor N. Dorman

Ocean Shores