Letters: Supporting Griebel for Council Position 3

If you “do diligence” on Lisa Griebel , you will find that she is well qualified for Position 3 on the Ocean Shores City Council to which she was appointed in August 2016 to fill the vacated position. Lisa now seeks to be elected to that position by the Ocean Shores voters.

If you haven’t attended City Council meetings or watched the re-runs on Channel 68, you may not be aware of her contributions to the community and the strengths she possesses.Lisa is an energetic, positive individual who has served on the Ocean Shores Library Board, the Woof-a-Thon Board, and the Dreamscape Condominium Board. She easily handles long work hours and stressful situations keeping balance in her personal life. She is now Chair of the newly formed Health & Safety City Council Committee, and sponsored a new city ordinance to ban bow hunting of carp on fresh waterways. She also participated in FIRE OPS 101 training (and survived it.)

Lisa has significant budget management experience, as well as hiring, supervising and evaluating personnel including staff members from seven different unions and associations.

Lisa has experience developing effective training and workshops, as well as creating and delivering high quality presentations for numerous community events including local school board and service organizations.

Lisa has demonstrated that she can participate in a deliberative way of solving common problems together. She is aware of the need for efficiency and “does her homework” preparing in advance for each Council meeting by reading the Agenda and asking her questions ahead of the meeting.

She possesses authentic listening skills, critical thinking abilities and is able to make decisions while taking into account all factors and outcome possibilities. She listens to community members, city staff, and the Mayor and her fellow council members before making decisions on what is best for all of Ocean Shores. She is calm and maintains positive collegial relationships with Council members, city staff, and the community even during divisive decision making processes.

I believe she is the best qualified candidate for Position 3. She has earned your vote.

Jeanne Finke,

Ocean Shores

Green Lantern Lunch

thanks donors

The Green Lantern Lunch Program would like to thank all the businesses and individuals who responded to our request for donations of peanut butter.

Thanks to the caring community we are, the response has been fantastic. To many of our kids, peanut butter is kind of the glue of life and keeps many going for days. Besides that, IT TASTES GOOD. So thanks again for showing what community unity can accomplish.

We also would like to remind anyone interested that we always need volunteers. Contact us at 360-289-2971.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis Shaughnessy

Copalis Beach