Incumbent gets the blame

Doug Mosebach’s recent letter to the editor in praise of Ocean Shores’ current mayor is interesting in that Mr. Mosebach thoroughly elaborates on what he describes as the various qualities of a leader but never specifically assigns any of them to the current mayor. Only at the very end of his lengthy diatribe does he tiptoe into the topic by saying, “Mayor Dingler is a competent, proven leader and the clear choice for mayor.” But he never actually says she has any of the qualities he lists. I mean no disrespect, but his letter reads more like a boilerplate campaign speech awaiting the addition of a candidate and some actual facts.

It’s been just days over three years since my wife and I moved to Ocean Shores. Since moving here, there have been five Jr./Sr. high school principals, two North Beach Elementary principals, two superintendents of schools — finally a terrific one, three fire chiefs, two police chiefs, and more City Council members appointed by the current mayor than were actually elected in that same period of time. In addition, there has been a revolving door of heads of the Chamber of Commerce and the deck is constantly being shuffled at the Convention Center. Key city positions have been eliminated and absorbed by the current mayor.

And most recently, at the start of her re-election campaign, the incumbent mayor hires a city administrator five months before she may not even be in office and hires a city administrator with absolutely no city administration experience. But according to his online resume, he does have wide experience with activism, lobbying, advocacy, political strategy and political campaign management.

The current government of Ocean Shores, under the “rule” of its current mayor, is following the totalitarian playbook pretty much page for page. Subdue communication. Operate behind closed doors. Punish those who question your choices. Misdirect intentions in order to curry favor.

If anyone reading this believes this is the sign of a healthy city government then we’re all in more trouble than we know.

Hank Isaac

Ocean Shores