Letters: Support for upcoming school levy replacement

Editor’s Note: North Beach School District No. 64 has a levy request on the Feb. 13 special election ballot to replace the expiring educational programs and operation levy with a levy amount of $1.9 million in 2019 and the same amount in 2020. The estimated levy rate per $1,000 of assessed property value is $1.31, according to the proposition before voters in the district.

Vote for school levy by Feb. 13

The upcoming school levy ballot for the North Beach School District must be postmarked by February 13th. This levy replaces the one that is expiring. Every two years schools in Washington State must put up a new proposal to the voters to keep the schools operating at the current level. What was called a Maintenance and Operation Levy is now called Education Programs and Operations Levy. It is meant to keep schools operating at the current level. Levy funds are used for general operation of the schools, salaries, maintenance supplies, athletics and special education.

To maintain current program levels for our students: The state funds 87%, and our levy funds 13% for instructional staff. The state funds 24%, and our levy funds 76% for classified staff, which includes cooks, bus drivers, secretaries, paraeducators and custodians. The state funds 44% and our levy 56% for principals and administration.

We are asking you to vote For the upcoming North Beach School District Levy to make sure our kids receive an education that will help to propel them into a successful future.

Donovan and Patricia Scott, Ocean Shores

Pacific Beach support for levy

Pacific Beach Elementary Parent Group would like to give our support for the North Beach School District Levy for the February 13th election.

Our school has benefited greatly with the technology levy that was passed a few years ago that our students are still benefiting from today throughout the school and in all curriculum.

Pacific Beach Elementary has grown since then by an average of 20 students, and continues to grow. We need the levy to pass so that our district can ensure adequate funds for teachers in our classrooms for our students.

Our focus is our students and every dollar for education is beneficial to them. Please think of the many children who will benefit from a yes vote, not just this year, but for many years down the road, as their education today impacts every year after.

Pacific Beach Elementary Parent Group