Letters: Conniry thanks supporters; Art and community

Conniry thanks supporters

in local election

Thank you to the voters of Ocean Shores who made their voices heard by voting in this election. I am humbled by the expression of confidence from you all. I am grateful to my husband, friends, and loyal supporters who so generously contributed their time and effort to our campaign during this very long election season.

I also thank my opponent for his commitment and years of service to Ocean Shores and wish him the best for the future.

Being an effective council person encompasses listening, translating your concerns into workable proposals, and building consensus to implement them. We, as a council, can not do that job without the involvement and openness of the people we represent. As elected leaders we must help each other and the public stay focused on the future and on the common good.

During the campaign, you shared with me your ideas and your concerns and I appreciate you discussing what really matters to you. You have entrusted me with the responsibility of speaking on your behalf as your public servant.

Community Voices, Thursdays at 11 a.m. at the North Beach Senior Center, (885 Ocean Shores Blvd., NW) will continue as a regular weekly meeting where you can continue to share your ideas and feedback. Everyone is welcome!

Ocean Shores will face challenges from time to time but we can overcome them if we do what is best for everyone. I look forward to working with my council colleagues as we move our agenda forward, being approachable, accountable, and fiscally conservative with the public’s money. I believe that is how we will build trust, and create a civic culture of mutual respect that makes progress possible.

Thank you!

Susan Conniry

Position 1 Ocean Shores City Council

Arts vital to developing vibrant community

When companies look to locate into a new community they often think about the well being of the workforce that they will be employing and many times, (in a male dominated workforce) they are thinking of the families and the wives of the employed. As in Aberdeen, many of the upper paying jobs are taken by folks who choose to live elsewhere because they to are thinking of the well being of their families.

Art isn’t always taken seriously by city administrations as one of those “family well being elements,” often to the detriment of the city. An active arts community gives the impression of a well rounded and thriving community and also tells prospective companies that their employee’s families will find things to do and a culture to be a part of. Theater has always takes center stage and it’s sad if the city that feels that that is all it needs. Aberdeen has the Bishop Center, the Driftwood Playhouse for its theater but the circle remains incomplete without art and music.

At this time we have both a fledgling art community and a fledgling music community trying to build inroads and added life to our city. Both communities are struggling and waiting to be embraced by our city fathers. Without the help from our city and support of patrons these efforts are doomed to fail and this is where you, the artist or the art lover come in.

Please take a moment to talk to your city representatives and let them know how much we need their support in aiding these arts organizations in their efforts. Ask them what the city is actively doing to help and support these efforts, ask them why they don’t feel that their assistance is needed. Let them know that these groups are not the same as a 7-11 or fast food restaurant that simply provide a few low wage jobs, these groups build communities. Tell them how art and music has effected your life and of others in our community who have directly and indirectly benefited by these arts groups.

We need to make sure that our city leaders understand the value in what is being created in our community with very little investment and how the end result will lead to new businesses locating here as a result of these groups.

Have a great day and support your local artists.

Douglas Orr

President of the Harbor Art Guild, Art Director of the Aberdeen Art Center