Ocean Shores Councilman Robert Crumpacker found dead in his home

  • Wed Mar 14th, 2018 10:38am
  • News

Longtime Ocean Shores resident and two-time City Council member Robert Crumpacker was found dead in his home Tuesday morning after he failed to show up for the regular council meeting on Monday or at the Home Port for his traditional breakfast on Tuesday.

A family friend went to check on him Tuesday morning, and she called police at 9;03 a.m. to report Crumpacker was “down and not breathing in his house,” an Ocean Shores Police report said.

The City Council was meeting at a retreat at Seabrook on Tuesday when they learned of Crumapker’s sudden death.

“Bob had a lot of ideas and a lot of experience in the city,” said Mayor Crystal Dingler. “His heart was always in the right place and I think he’s going to be sorely missed.”

Crumpacker was 67 and a lifelong resident of the area.

Gordon Broadben served on the City Council with Crumpacker from 2010-2011. “He was definitely an Ocean Shores man. He felt very strongly about the city – knew every city employee,” Broadbent said. He was the kind of guy that, for example, “if the power would go out in town and people needed gasoline for their refrigerators, Crummy’d be the one to drive to Olympia and get gasoline and bring it back … went house to house and gave ‘em gas to run their generators,” Broadbent said.

Lillian Broadbent noted Crumpacker had stopped by their Gordon’s Antiques store on Sunday, talking about the proposed Point Brown sidewalks project.

“Crummy was there for people he knew and he was there for people he didn’t know. He was just a very generous person. I think nearly every non-profit in Ocean Shores has been plumbed by Crummy,” Lillian Broadbent said.

Councilman Jon Martin said he always enjoyed working with the longtime plumber, who just this year began serving his second term on the council after last year’s election.

“He definitely brought a lot to the council,” Martin said. “I didn’t always agree with him, but it was always an interesting conversation with him.”

The cause of death was not known as of Tuesday afternoon, but police said he appeared to have died of natural causes.

“Responding officers found Mr. Crumpacker down in the living room and obviously deceased. Due to the circumstances, no attempt was made to perform CPR,” said a news release from Police Information Officer Sgt. David McManus. “Everything at the scene indicated this was most likely a natural death.”