NCN911: Police warn of cougar in the Weatherwax

  • Wed Feb 20th, 2019 1:44pm
  • News

The Ocean Shores Police Department has issued a warning about a cougar in the area of the Weatherwax preserve.

The Weatherwax is a large parcel of undeveloped woodland in the center of Ocean Shores. It features a series of hiking trails that are popular with local residents and visitors alike.

On Feb. 10, a citizen reported finding a dead deer in the Weatherwax property, and he believed that the wounds looked like they were caused by a cougar, according to the report.

On Feb. 12, a state Department of Fish Wildlife officer checked the carcass and confirmed that it was indeed killed by a cougar. He informed the city Animal Control Officer that it appeared to be the work of a young cougar.

Anyone walking in the Weatherwax is cautioned to pay attention to the surroundings, to keep all pets on a leash and keep a close eye on small children. “Experts say that cougars are very unlikely to attack humans, especially in a place like Ocean Shores where natural food sources are plentiful,” said a Police news release.

On Feb. 13, a woman also reported seeing a cougar in her yard in the 600 block of Copalis Ave. NE. She asked that an officer accompany her to her vehicle.

Questions and concerns are directed to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife at 1-877-933-9847.

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Feb. 12

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