Final assessed values put Ocean Shores over $1.15 billion

  • Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 10:52am
  • News

The Grays Harbor County final figures for cities and other taxing districts were received locally to end the year, showing Ocean Shores with $1.15 billion in assessed value for regular levies, the most of any city in the county.

Ocean Shores also had the most new construction — $25.59 million in 2018, compared to the next highest city, McCleary, with $4.12 million and Aberdeen with $3.79 million. Fire District No. 8, which includes Seabrook, had the most new construction increase of all taxing districts with $33.85 million in added value last year. Other assessed values for cities for calculating regular levies:

Aberdeen: $968.2 million; Cosmopolis: $140.2 million; Elma: $256.7 million; Hoquiam: $442.2 million; McCleary: $121.8 millio; Montesano: $322 million; Oakville: $39.3 million; Ocean Shores: $1.15 billion; Westport: $336.4 million.