Wilma Spike clebrated for her inspiration, dedication

  • Wed Oct 3rd, 2018 1:13pm
  • Life

More than 100 people paid tribute to Ocean Shores Woof-a-Thon found Wilma Spike on Sunday at a memorial celebration of her life.

Former Galilean Lutheran Church Pastor Bob Hoem recalled that “every year, Wilma asked me to give a blessing to the animals” at the Woof-a-Thon.

The celebration on Sunday included comments Wilma even dictated to son Patrick Spike to be read at her memorial, including:

“I worked many jobs, mostly for fun! How lucky is that?”

“I’ve had literally hundreds of friends throughout my life, and I’ve treasured them all.”

Ocean Shores Mayor Dingler was the first speaker and she noted she was reading from prepared remarks because, “I don’t want to be overcome with emotion and not do justice to Wilma.”

“In our thoughts, we still hear Wilma’s laugh. She had a quick smile. She was a force of nature. She had a point of view and liked doing things her way,” Dingler said. “We disagreed on some things, but it was never, ever personal. But, her causes were deeply personal, her efforts to heal a wrong, to use friendship, and kindness, and humor to get things done.”

“We may weep but they are also tears of joy for the woman we knew, for the causes she pressed us to support, for the kind friend and feisty supporter of those who need help, for the brilliant mind that persevered where others might have given up.

“We grieve but we also celebrate a fine woman, a life lived in joy and love. A light that has gone out but is not forgotten.

“The woman we knew in constant movement is at rest now. The laughter silenced and yet, she lives on in the moments we remember. In the good she did. In the dreams she dreamed and made reality. The memories are strong, like the woman who made them.,” the mayor said.

At the Sept. 24 Ocean Shores City Council meeting, Council member Lisa Griebel paid tribute to Wilma:

“She was really the kind of person who came here first as a visitor and loved the place and then lived here and became a contributing member of our community. And because of her, she encouraged other people to give service to our community.

“She was, if you knew her, pretty tenacious, very honest, and had a high level of energy. Because of that, she really not only changed the lives of people here in Ocean Shores, but pets as well.

“She sure was a tiny woman, but she had a big heart and she’s going to be missed,” Griebel concluded.